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Any man who beats his Wife is a demon – Sunny Nneji

Famous Nigerian artist, Sunny Nneji, has regretted the high spate of abusive behavior at home and youngster misuse in the nation.

Nneji told the Sun in a talk: "I was not attacked as a youngster; that is the reason I am discovering it so hard to trust this is going on today. What is going on? Is it true that we are losing our mankind? I never encountered each one of those things experiencing childhood in my town in Cross River State.

"As a town kid, I began singing and moving, and those things (misuse) were not normal. Thus, I don't realize what is occurring to the general public of today. What is going on? It is as though the fallen angel has recently slipped and he is taking individuals over and making them do ghastly things. Guardians are attacking kids; it is inconceivable and sickening. It is a repulsive thing.

"That is the reason each normal person needs to face these things. For spouses who beat up their wives, I think it is extremely whimsical. They have to grow up. Why might you raise up your hand to beat a lady? It doesn't bode well. I heard that a few ladies likewise beat up their spouses (snickers); ladies need to grow up as well.

"I partook in the late stroll against aggressive behavior at home, I trust that it will rouse my partners in the excitement business to stand up and go along with us in this battle against abusive behavior at home and kid misuse. I would likewise trust this would prick the inner voices of individuals who take part in such acts and help them to pivot. Thus, I trust it goes far in having an effect."

The "Oruka" crooner further talked about marriage, noticing that it is not a luxurious situation.

He said, "Let me let you know reality, individuals have composed books and books about marriage, yet I let you know that no two relational unions are the same. I can't let you know that I have an equation and you can utilize that recipe and apply to your marriage and it will work. You know why? It is on the grounds that marriage is between two individuals from two distinct foundations, who have two unique childhoods and they meet up.

"Presently what make relational unions are the two individuals included. In the first place, they should choose they need a marriage. It is a decision you make. When you decide that you need the marriage to be effective then you do everything conceivable to make it succeed. It doesn't mean you and your life partner would not have contradictions, you would have differences; don't give us a chance to mislead ourselves.

"Be that as it may, you will ensure the difference does not decline into something damaging and after that start to influence the relationship. It involves the ability to twist anytime, the eagerness to move position. Try not to say, 'This is the thing that I trust, I remain here and on the off chance that it doesn't happen thusly, then the dividers must descend'. No, don't do that. It is a choice between the two individuals included. When they have concluded that they need the marriage to work, it would work.

"There is dependably a sign that a relationship is going to work out or not, at the dating stage. I am engaging the youngsters to be extremely mindful, to open their eyes, and to be exceptionally delicate. On the off chance that you are dating a person and he shows attributes of savagery, perhaps he hits you, pounds you and afterward apologizes subsequently, that means that you are into a conceivably damaging relationship. Along these lines, you ought to do the needful by then.

"It's critical. The vast majority go into connections, saying, 'gracious, he's going to change. I will transform him', it never happens that way. When you see a quality, it will get opened up over the long haul.

"Presently, the individuals who are as of now in oppressive relationship discover it an extremely troublesome circumstance, since you start to consider the years you have put into the relationship, you start to consider the youngsters included, family, and society. How might they see you that you couldn't stay in your marriage?

"There are such a variety of things you start to consider, yet you as the individual in that relationship ought to go to the understanding that it is most likely time for you to accomplish something, something radical about it since you may wind up losing your life. We have heard instances of individuals losing their lives in injurious connections. You ought to get to a point where that's the last straw, yet versatility is for whoever is in the relationship to decide. Be genuine with yourself, overlook society, overlook family, and overlook what individuals would say.

"Take a gander at your life, take a gander at that relationship, take a gander at the kids and be genuine with the circumstance and judge it in like manner," Nneji included.

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