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How To Create Ebooks From Microsoft Word Using (A Free Software)

Ebooks simply means Electronic books which you can easily read on your PC using Adobe Reader. Ebooks are usually in pdf formats which means if you see any file whose name ends with ".pdf" , then it is obvious that the file has been compiled in an ebook format. Creating ebooks is an easy task you can do within a twinkle of an eye. There is no big deal in it at all.

You can convert to PDF from any file you can print, including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® formats. This simply means if you have anything already compiled with MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, you can easily convert it to an ebook.

You can create Ebooks on anything. I could remember when I was in the University, I made some money helping some students to convert their Final Year projects to Ebooks. You too can.....

So, How Do I Convert To pdf ?
There are many softwares out there online that will enable you to convert  any file compiled with MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint,  to an ebook.  One of such softwares is PrimoPDF.

Download and Install PrimoPdf to your PC and start creating your own ebooks.

Click here to Download PrimoPdf

To convert your MSWord document after installing the PrimoPDF, you will have to go to File, then Print. In the "Printers" dialog box, where you will be asked to choose the printer you want to use, just choose "PrimoPdf". Follow the instructions, adjust the settings if you want and you are good to go. Save and start sharing or selling it.

The software comes with a help file that will guide you more.

I hope this Article helps.

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