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'It has not been easy for me' – Eniola Badmus discusses about pains as plus-sized actress

Making her introduction on the silver screen in 2008, after she featured in the Yoruba film 'Jenifa', Eniola Badmus, prevalently known as "Gbogbo Bigz Girls", has immediately settled herself as one to watch.

The flexible on-screen character, who is broadly known for her to some degree comic parts in Yoruba and English motion pictures, is having a captivated year with her late support by interchanges goliath, Etisalat.

She shares her inclination on the new part, her trip to Nollywood and the sky is the limit from there…

How can it feel being a brand envoy for Etisalat?

Indeed, the Etisalat support is a decent one. I am entirely cheerful about it. It gives me an inclination that individuals are watching what I do, which implies my occupation has been representing me.

At the point when did you find your inventive energy?

I was an individual from the dramatization club in optional school so my adolescence really set me up ahead for my profession. I later went to the University of Ibadan where I contemplated Theater Arts.

Acting, for me, falls into place without any issues. It has dependably been a piece of my life; even while I was in optional school, I split jokes a great deal amid break period. My classmates would book me early to make them laugh out loud in their different classes.

It got to the degree that a few people will pay me 100 naira to make them laugh hysterically and move for them while some will purchase me lunch just to make them chuckle in their classes.

I had two companions in those days, Tope Amao and Jibola Lagundoye, who acted like my supervisors and they would gather cash from my classmates. Some they gave me, some they kept for themselves however that did not trouble me. I was glad making individuals chuckle. Jibola Lagundoye remains my closest companion till now.

How might you portray your first time before the camera?

My first time before the camera wasn't startling in light of the fact that I have dependably been a performing artist all my life so I didn't consider it to be a major ordeal.

How could you have been able to you in the end broke into the film business?

I didn't think that its hard to break into the motion picture industry since I was engaged and I took after my fantasy.

You are known more in the Yoruba film sub-division. Is it that you don't care for English films?

I cherish both English and Yoruba films. Be that as it may, to me, Yoruba motion pictures are additionally testing in light of the fact that to do an indigenous motion picture implies you need to peruse your lines in Yoruba. Once more, with Yoruba motion pictures, I could learn loads of axioms and aphorisms. I additionally learnt a considerable measure of Yoruba social qualities and a few societies I never knew now. English films, for me, are somewhat simple since English is our most widely used language; all I have to put in is only the demonstration and my fans in Africa and crosswise over can relate with me.

Who are your guides in the business?

Yes, I have guides in the business; any semblance of Joke Silva and Taiwo Ajai-Lycett and so on.

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What is your perspective about the motion picture industry as it is currently?

I think the business is showing signs of improvement by the day, at any rate superior to what it used to be 10 years back. I trust the business needs financial specialists so motion picture creators can keep on producing better movies furthermore have the capacity to pay artistes well in light of the fact that in the event that they are generously compensated, they will be urged to accomplish more.

What challenges do you confront as an on-screen character?

I truly don't see anything testing any longer; days of difficulties are over in light of the fact that I have been doing this for a long time. In the event that difficulties happen, despite everything I trust I will conquer them.

How was growing up for you?

My growing up was a lovely one. I was naturally introduced to the group of Badmus Ogunsina. I was legitimately prepared and very much refined like whatever other appropriate young lady. We were educated to love ourselves and never victimize anybody. I originate from a substantial group of 21 youngsters and I am the thirteenth. We as a whole eat together as one family; a few of us take some time off together amid Summer and we as a whole live like royalty together.

You are known more for your comic parts?

I am an adaptable on-screen character. I think I can assume any part, not simply parody. It's simply that makers like to generalization. When they discover that you are great in a specific part, they tend to generalization you yet I can assume any part.

You were on the runway for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. What was the motivation?

Sharing in the design week was an extraordinary one for me on the grounds that many individuals tend to look down on the larger size individuals. Thus, it was about empowering the hefty size individuals out there; to tell them that the way that they are enormous does not imply that they can't be listened.

How is style for you?

I wear what I like and what makes me agreeable.

How can it feel being a hefty size performing artist?

All things considered, it has not been simple for me; the rate at which individuals reprimand the larger size individuals. Concerning me, I am never made a big deal about what individuals say. I am just worried about my life, profession and family on the grounds that the more you listen to feedback, the more it breaks you.

My recommendation to hefty size individuals out there is never listen to feedback however dependably eat right and stay in shape to keep the heart going.

All in all, what's next for Eniola Badmus?

I have heaps of things I am taking a shot at right at this point. I will shoot two films consecutive before the year runs out. I likewise have my TV arrangement coming up soon and my satire play not long after.

What do you need to say to your fans?

To my fans out there: I adore them in particular. They are the reason I'm here today; without them, there is no Eniola Badmus. I am utilizing this medium to say a major 'thank you' for continually picking Eniola Badmus as their brilliant and most loved performer.

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