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Mark Zuckerberg Gives Biafran Advocate A Huge Task To Fulfill

A Biafran advocate recognized as Ejike Ofoegbu connected with Mark Zuckerberg for help in publicizing the gatherings' development on Facebook and Zuckerberg gave him an assignment to finish in two days, starting Tuesday.

In the visit, Ejike asked for Mark Zuckerberg to make it conceivable so that everybody utilizing Facebook will think about "Biafra" by boosting the name.

The 32-year-old very rich person let it out was a hard demand which could be proficient just on the off chance that he ie Ejike could accomplish the errand Zuckerberg set out for him.

Mark Zuckerberg asked for that Ejike ought to get two-hundred-thousand shares and one-million preferences on the Biafran Facebook page which he needed reputation on.
In the event that the Biafran promoter could accomplish the errand in two days, then his solicitation from Zuckerberg could stand a shot.

Presently, Ejike has under forty-eight hours to get 200,000 shares and 1 million preferences before Mark Zuckerberg can help with the Biafran development.

Mark Zuckerberg gives Biafran advocate, Ejike Ofoegbu, a task to fulfill, before he can lend his voice to the Biafran struggle

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