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My Relationship with Genevieve was a fiasco – Actor, Okechukwu Joseph

Prevalent Nollywood on-screen character, Okechukwu Joseph, has related his prematurely ended sentiment with unbelievable performing artist, Genevieve Nnaji.

Joseph said his association with Mrs. Nnaji was short, despite the fact that he never revealed this to the media.

The "Karishika" performing artist further told the Sun that his association with the star on-screen character was a catastrophe.

Joseph said, "My short association with Genevieve was such a fiasco. This is the first occasion when I am conceding this freely.

"Genny and I met and got to be companions on the arrangement of Mark of the Beast. Obviously in her initial days. It was as if we were in some sort of examination. In any case, I took in a ton about her inside that brief period.

"Two remarkable minutes the day she acquainted her younger sibling with me and the day she informed me actually everything concerning herself. She believed me that much. My brain was dashing like insane and I continued considering in what way little individuals thought about this youthful Amazon who was out to play the Esther for her family and isn't that right? She felt like family to me. She is my sort of lady – tasteful, spotless and certain.

"Shockingly, we couldn't go further in view of my entertaining minimal "virgin" mystery. Not that she requested or requested anything other than rather obviously, my non-verbal communication was out and out horrible to that impact and it didn't take anything for any lady with brains to make sense of it. She was so brimming with realistic vitality et cetera the-go-like lady on a mission. Never prepared to play around with stuff she couldn't endure. I trust she's still that way. She has a mind boggling story to her greatness."

On the off chance that he would take things to the 'following level' in the event that he had another open door with Genevieve, Joseph said, "I don't comprehend what you mean by 'the following level.' But I would love to play by my standards book as of now. Be that as it may, there is not going to be any such open door. The young lady has proceeded onward typically and I'm the happiest for her."

The performing artist said he experienced issues in coexisting with his partners, particularly females since he was a virgin.

He said, "I had no trouble blending. What I had issues with was catching having sexual. Furthermore, similar to I said before, I wasn't prepared on the grounds that I was a virgin and I would not like to tell anyone. I was continually rationalizing concerning why I proved unable 'get down.'"

He went further to say some of his female partners request sex from him amid shooting.

He said, "Truth is many individuals didn't realize that all that while that I was shooting films wherever I was still a virgin! I didn't know how to disclose this to women particularly. Individuals thought I had other unusual sentiments.

"One of my chiefs even stood up to me sooner or later needing to know whether I was concealing some infirmity. It was on the arrangement of this chief that two young ladies endeavored to assault me in my lodging room. I will always remember this. It was Singapore Hotel, Ikeja, where we held up. The film was Karishika 2. We had come back from a shoot so I cleared out my entryway open. They came in, stripped themselves midway and jumped on me. I battled with them for about 25 minutes. They surrendered when I undermined to wound them. I lied that I had a blade. That was most likely the third time that I had that sort of experience.

"They were up and coming artistes. They were additionally part of that motion picture. Others was reasonable diversion, yet I was 'shaping superman' so I could comprehend their disappointment. Furthermore, they were an insane pack. You don't run over young ladies like that consistently, whether in Nollywood or somewhere else. It was something else," he included.

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