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Nigeria will bite the dust in Buhari's grasp – Charlyboy

 Showbiz head honcho, Charlyboy, prominently known as AreaFada, has encouraged President Muhammadu Buhari to take the welfare of the basic Nigerians as his need, else Nigeria and Nigerians will kick the bucket in his grasp.

In a public statement to the President, the frank media identity said Nigerians are unquestionably biting the dust and, rapidly.

AreaFada composed: "Mr President Sir, I assume that this meets you well.

"I know it has not been simple since you went ahead board, such a variety of wahalas, so much yawa, disappointment and sadness.

"To begin with tenet of authority: everything is your shortcoming. Sir, Nigerians are without a doubt biting the dust and, rapidly. They can no more see the light, they feel the Heat. The welfare of the regular man must be your top need from this time forward or God restrict, Nigeria and Nigerians will pass on in your grasp.

"Since you accepted office as President of Nigeria, there has been an astounding cacophony inside your legislature. I ponder who is in control. In some cases I ponder whose contemplations you're supposing or whose plan you're executing; while at different times, I think about whether you are held prisoner by the criminals called The Cabal.

"Can you say you are neglectful of the hardship and enduring we as a whole are experiencing? I recall two years prior when I went to the Aso estate, then possessed by your forerunner. Amid our examination and my groan about the Nigerian young people I was not especially stunned by a response that appeared like one tossing both hands noticeable all around and saying "Charly, I am held prisoner here, I am encompassed by foes".

"Sir, would you say you are the one in control or like your ancestor, would you say you are being held prisoner by the schemes and repulsive sycophants, to such an extent that our predicament and cries as Nigerians are none of your worry? Na wa o, this is surely not the change we thought you guaranteed or do we simply expect that your words don't mean much?

"Oga mi, abegi check the matter, you can't disregard the five percent of voters who did not vote in favor of you but rather whose assets the nation relies on upon as alert wear blow, to provide food for the 97 percent who voted in favor of you. This kind "one chance" is sending a wrong flag to the entire nation.

"Now and again I simply think about how things can work legitimately when the arrangement and the establishment of the decision gathering is not in view of any solid belief system, but rather on disappointment, severity, divisive governmental issues and a social event of weird partners. Kai!!!

"Presido, this your war on debasement, is some way or another o. Need I say that debasement is not just about taking assets, it is additionally about putting terrible individuals in prime positions who have neither the energy nor the capability to do the wicked occupation. This type of debasement is devastating Nigeria, meeeen!!!

"As I look over your services and key positions, I consider why it is brimming with town companions with the capability to the post is just to be a tribe part. Whenever pioneers, out of apprehension, understand that their absence of limit could have noteworthy impacts, they turn to nepotism to secure self.

"It ought to be a horrendous thing to look behind you when you are attempting to lead, particularly on the off chance that you don't know who and who is simply washing you. Na so.

"My kin, basic and short, fear dey get me for the fate of our nation. I realize that there is no antibody against botch/inadequacy. Most Naijas may have reasoned that the CHANGE mantra was just 419. There is extraordinary trepidation in the area, the vast majority are not certain where the nation is going, and what numerous Nigerians are asking is whether you feel us, your subjects, in the event that you feel our situation by any stretch of the imagination.

"I see so a hefty portion of my kin strolling with their heads dangling over their contracting shoulders, being cleared by yearning and neediness in the place where there is bounty. God would you say you are there?

"My kin are frantic for somebody to have confidence in, Nigerians needs a Talk and Do Presido, no go-moderate for the matter in light of the fact that numerous things wear dissipate. We surely require somebody who essentially drives us through this agony with true activity and not simple plans or words. I wear talk my own," he composed.

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