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'Nigerians supporting Hillary Clinton don't know why' – MoCheddah

Nigerian artist, Mocheddah needs you to know she simply wrapped up the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's presidential level headed discussion.

The primary US presidential verbal confrontation got warmed before long as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made that big appearance together surprisingly.

The team clashed in front of an audience at Hofstra University in New York.

Presently, Mocheddah has said most Nigerians supporting Hilary Clinton have no clue why they are.

She took to Snapchat today, September 27, 2016, composition, "Call me a hater however I'm certain portion of the general population supporting Hilary Clinton in Nigeria don't know why. They sha need to act like they know. Yimu. No shade."

The inquiry on everybody's lips now is, is Mocheddah supporting Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? She needs to turn out and plainly express that than writing in illustrations.

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