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See How to Reduce Data Consumption on Android Phones

I know a lot of people are having issues with data consumption on Android phones, some do not even want to buy Android phones because of this singular reason. Therefore I have written this article to help you conserve your precious internet bandwidth.The methods I use personally are outlined below.
Activate 3G/H+ Only When Necessary: 
Most Android phones come with three internet connectivity speed modes namely: WCDMA/GSM, WCDMA only and GSM only. WCDMA simply means 3G or 3.5G or H+ and GSM simply means EDGE (E). In order to save my data, I only put on ‘WCDMA/GSM’ and ‘WCDMA only’ when I need high speed internet or when I’m downloading a large file otherwise GSM only is very okay for normal web surfing, receiving emails, Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifications, BBM and the like. I advise that you put yours on ‘GSM only’ by default.

Restrict Your Background Apps Data: 

This is a very effective way of reducing data consumption because most apps use your internet data without your permission. To restrict, simply go to Settings – Connections – Data Usage, you will then see all the apps using your data. Simply click on any app you want to restrict and tick the Restrict background data box. There is a precaution to take here: Do not restrict background data on critical apps such as Email apps and Whatsapp. For other apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc, I advise that you restrict.

Use Browsers Which Compress Webpages: 
Browsers such as Opera Mini and UC Browser have the ability to compress webpages thereby reducing the amount of data you spend opening webpages. When you add the data saved from each webpage you surf, you’ll be surprised at the amount you have saved.

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