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There's 'No Such Thing As Racism' – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne says the racial cosmetics of the group at one of his shows was "unmistakably a message that there was no such thing as prejudice."

The rapper was asked Tuesday on Fox Sports' "Skip and Shannon: Undisputed" around a show in rural New York where the group was generally white. He said it was "an impeccable case" that bigotry doesn't exist. Wayne says the group at his shows "has dependably been everyone."

"The main dark face you could find in the entire gathering of people was your cosmetics craftsman." He included.

Wayne refered to his more youthful era of fans as more dynamic, guaranteeing that with regards to prejudice, "it's not cool to them."

That might be valid, however Wayne conflating his differing fanbase with the end of bigotry appears like imperfect rationale. All things considered, he didn't think bigotry was over in 2014, when he bashed Donald Sterling over his supremacist comments. On the other hand in 2012, when he asserted he was victimized at a NBA diversion after a disagreement regarding courtside tickets.

Be he neglected to say that to the correspondent. "I have never… never's a solid word. I have never, never managed bigotry and I'm happy I didn't need to," the rapper included.

Wayne additionally addressed retirement bits of gossip incited by a tweet not long ago. He clarified that the tweet originated from a cash debate amongst him and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman. He said he wouldn't work with Birdman again and arrangements "to stroll off free" once the question is determined.

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