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Where is the bread merchant turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna? – Charles Novia asks

Olajumoke Orisaguna has vanished from online networking, and this has gotten many individuals talking.

Recently, beat producer, Charles Novia, took to his Facebook page to bring up the peculiarity in the model's vanishings from media, a trepidation he had before communicated after companies battled about each other to buildup the previous bread merchant.

"We don't hear any longer about the Bread Seller turned model, Olajumoke Orisaguna," Novia said on his Facebook yesterday. "I composed toward the start of the media free for all over her that she was only the kind existing apart from everything else for an open searching for sweet diversion from substances in the commonwealth and that she would be disposed of by that same open and media once the interests fade. It's occurring now, innit?"

Olajumoke's story kept online networking occupied for a long time, until she slicked far from open eye. Nonetheless, in May, the mother of two reemerged on online networking to affirm that she dumped Few Models, the office that initially marked her on after her breaking story paralyzed the world, for Beth Model Africa.

Likewise, Olajumoke affirmed she was set to dispatch her establishment, the "Olajumoke Orisaguna establishment". This came after she purportedly gave out N200,000 to somewhere in the range of 40 breadsellers.

Presently, there are stresses that the media benefitted from her story and now has dumped her since the furor is over.

Her Instagram page was last upgraded six weeks prior.

"I pondered her two days prior and even did an online networking irregular check. They no more overhaul her online networking sef!,"

Facebook client Ngozi Okafor said yesterday, and another, Dino Cee, said:

"The entire thing resembles an organized oversaw connivance show yet in the event that it truly was a genuine story then I think the young lady ought to be rebuked for not propelling herself utilizing the open door she got from that overnight popularity, I imply that she ought to have utilized that chance to inspire herself into the Nollywood or attempt by any way to discharge a music collection in order to stay important in general society circle, displaying is a vocation that you are just significant when you are looked for after and it is exceptionally troublesome for arrangements to stop by all the time however in the Nollywood in any event she can simply get something with that speedy acclaim regardless of the possibility that it is a sub or additional items in the event that her charges are moderate, in the music she can simply make herself a collection at whatever time she needs all the more particularly this days that verses has no significance yet rhythms to Nigerians."

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