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Yoruba Actor, Pa Kasunmu Falls Sick Again as Eyes Begin to See "Twofold"

Well known Nollywood performing artist, Kayode Odumosu, otherwise known as. Pa Kasunmu, has fallen sick once more.

This time, the on-screen character's condition is serious to the point that individuals from his family have moved him from his home in Abeokuta to his senior sister's living arrangement at Aseese, an Ogun people group arranged off the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Looking very withered and fragile when a Punch reporter visited him on Wednesday, Odumosu conceded that his wellbeing compounded not long after coming back from India, where he had gone to get treatment for a heart-related infirmity that additionally influenced his visual perception and memory, in 2015.

"I spent only nine days in India. I suspected that I would get full treatment. Be that as it may, when I had got there, they let me know that it was for assessment. At that point they requesting that I return following two months.

"Later, after I had recouped from the sickness, I began considering how to get stores for my second voyage to India. Yet, I couldn't locate my global international ID and that of the medical caretaker that went with me on the primary outing," he said.

He said that, along the line, he was welcomed by kindred Thespian, Tunji Bamishigbin, to partake in the shooting of another film in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State around the same time.

Despite the fact that Odumosu truly did not have any desire to show up in a motion picture any longer until he had backtracked to India for appropriate treatment, he said he was enticed into tolerating another welcome to take part in a motion picture shoot in the Ikorodu region of Lagos around three months prior.

Inquired as to whether he should highlight in a film, while recovering from the disease, he answered, "Not by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, you realize that with regards to something you know, you will need to do it. Truth be told, the facilitator of the last motion picture shoot I went to didn't need me to get required by any stretch of the imagination."

Odumosu likewise conceded that his vision has turned sour once more. "I see twofold and pictures are constantly obscured," he said, including that his eyes were not this awful two years prior.

The performing artist wishes that he could acquire another visa and come back to India to be appropriately treated. His nephew, Oluwaseyi Olorode, told a reporter that the family chose to convey him to Aseese after he was deserted in his Abeokuta home by a woman who was employed to watch over him.

"When we brought him here, he could scarcely remain on his feet or go to the lavatory without being guided," Olorode said.

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