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Five (5) Ways To Identify If You Are Being Emotionally Bullied

Have you ever been Emotionally Bullied? Then again would you say you are as a rule candidly tormented? It is safe to say that you are an enthusiastic domineering jerk? In the event that so where does this conduct originate from? Is it in your DNA?

A few people are tormented By relatives, so - called companions, or associates. It is essential to recognize where such conduct originates from, it can be your environment, family, environment, or from life encounters. Enthusiastic tormenting does not just influence youngsters as the vast majority jump at the chance to think, however grown-ups as well. Actually, most grown-ups are either passionate harassers or have been subjected to being sincerely tormented sooner or later. Cases of being candidly harassed incorporates speaking violently about individuals behind their backs, spreading gossipy tidbits, and tattling. An enthusiastic domineering jerk will endeavor to force another person into doing what they need by sincerely upsetting them.

The primary message of this article will have the capacity to recognize whether you are as a rule candidly tormented or on the off chance that you are one. Having the capacity to distinguish this will place you tuned in to your genuine self. The genuine you. Not the you who others see on the outside however your inward center. It is essential to Know the impacts of being sincerely harassed and how to light the yearning to roll out a few improvements to your life and connections.

Here are five approaches to distinguish on the off chance that you are a passionate harasser or a casualty of enthusiastic tormenting:

1. Bullying  

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you feel as if you are being intimidated into doing something you don’t necessarily want to do? Yet you find it hard to say no.
Consider this scenario: Your partner throws a tantrum every time they do not get their way – there is drama drama drama, until you finally give in and do what they want. Sound familiar?
What is the result: You slowly lose your self-respect and feel outnumbered, sad, and alone.

2. Unreasonable Expectations

You may have people in your life who have high expectations for you. This can be a good thing – even a motivator. However, when expectations become so unreasonable, that nothing you ever do is good enough, then you might be being emotionally bullied.
What is the result: You feel constantly criticized, helpless and powerless. At the end of the day, you feel awful and defeated because you are in a no-win situation.

3. The Blame Game

An emotional bully will often blame everyone but themselves for their problems. They blame you for their problems, life difficulties, or unhappiness.Emotional bullying of this nature involves the bully playing the victim and trying to deflect blame to you (the target) rather than taking personal responsibility for their actions.
What is the result: You start to question yourself and character as a person. You begin to find fault in your morals and values.

4. Silent Epidemic

When I say silent epidemic, I am referring to those being emotionally bulliedin the workplace and not speaking out about it. We all have bad days and may show up at work grumpy or in a bad mood. A co-worker or your boss might even snap at you.
The easiest way to identify if you are dealing with being emotionally  bullied is noticing if the behaviour is something that happens again and again. The style of workplace bullying is different for men and women. Women are generally more subtle than men are, Women are better at reading emotions, so the’re good at little digs that most men wouldn’t even register: the quick glare, or turning away and talking to someone else.
No you know how to identify it.
how to deal with it, self awareness, justification, acceptance is the key.

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