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“I Wanted People To See Me As A Rude Boy” – Timaya Speaks In An Interview

One of Nigeria's most steady vocalist, Timaya had a couple intriguing things he needed to state in a meeting with the Punch daily paper.

The Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa gave a significant number of bits of knowledge on his music, individual re-marking and obviously why he isn't wedded at this point. He talked on the subject of having a child mother furthermore about his stunning little girls.

Hear Timaya talk on why he isn't yet wedded and his infant mother.

"I am not getting hitched soon. My life is an excursion. My vocation is my voyage. I didn't deceive my child mother when she was pregnant; I advised her I wasn't prepared to get hitched. I never said I wouldn't get hitched. In any case, right now, I am not prepared. When she let me know she was pregnant, I acknowledged the pregnancy. She let me know she trusted I would not have been similar to different artists who had children from various ladies. I advised her no. My two children are from same lady. I recognize what I am doing."

Being a father showed Timaya how to truly cherish.

"I never knew I could love anybody the way I cherish my girls. My first little girl is my closest companion. I didn't realize what I needed when I had her. In any case, I knew I needed to rebrand. So I needed to remove the dreadlock."

Donning dreadlocks was vital for the "Cash" crooner to look more rough and scaring.

"My dreadlock was a system. I needed individuals to consider me to be an inconsiderate kid. I couldn't have been giving every one of those issue with a quiet and clean face. I needed a look that would connect with it. Presently, individuals come to me and I grin.

“I was happy I was controversial and I was being talked about. I used to struggle to be known before then and I desperately wanted to be known. Finally, they started talking about me. People felt I was troublesome. Some felt I was controversial. Even those who didn’t know my music knew my name. When I had got what I wanted, I felt it was time for me to rebrand.”
Doing music means everything to Timaya as he can’t bear the thoughts of quitting music for something else.

“I realised that I have a passion for music. I didn’t go into it because of money; I didn’t see money when I started. I have never thought of doing anything else. I know my life is finished if I am not doing music. If not music, my life is finished.

“I know some musicians are coming into the industry because they feel there is money in it. But that shouldn’t be the case. When your target is money, you will not get it. I try as much as I can not to sound the same way I have been sounding. When there is no innovation, people wouldn’t appreciate you.”
With new artistes buzzing in the music industry, Timaya admits he is not in any way intimidated by their successes.

“I know these young artistes are vexing. I don’t feel threatened that there are younger musicians out there now. I just try to beat every hit song I have done before. I am not in any competition with anybody. I do songs every day. But music should not be taken for granted. At this point, much is expected of me. I can do a song for a whole month. The bottom is for me to have the body of the song, the hook and the melody. I don’t want to sound like a joke to my fans. I take my time. This is my profession, it is not a joke. I don’t want my name to be forgotten,” he said.

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