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Seven (7) Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory & Creativity

In this day and age, data is all around. Appears like wherever you go – in this present reality or online – there's continually something new to learn. Perhaps you have a copying for new disclosures. A substantial FORCE that grasps around your spirit. You don't comprehend what that is, yet… Still, the hunger for learning remains.

Sort of like losing all sense of direction in Wikipedia and a huge number of other "reference book like" locales out there. Then again losing all sense of direction in the frenzy of a yearly reasonable. Furthermore, you're never going to budge on meeting whatever number energizing, new, reviving characters as would be prudent. Then again perhaps you're similar to me, capable and willing to plunge nose-first into a decent, thick book. An extraordinary book, however. No, this book is unique. It catches your creative ability… and like the mischevious drive it is, doesn't release you. Whatever the reason you're lurking here and there for learning, the reality remains: we might experience the ill effects of a "data over-burden".

You don't should be informed that a great many individuals are experiencing difficulty centering, multi-entrusting, and boosting their subjective capacities. You find out about it consistently, regardless of where you go. Here are a couple of little and simple practices you can begin TODAY, to breath life into your 'memory cells' back and stimulate your innovative soul like you never thought conceivable.

1. Work Your Brain Out

Consider jocks. Do they get to that huge mastodon estimate by lounging around throughout the day? N'sir! They hit the iron, they bolster their body right, and they prepare their muscles to persevere through total hellfire. Doing likewise to your mind most likely isn't brilliant. The point remains: preparing your cerebrum by giving it a workout keeps your mind developing and creating.

Things being what they are, how precisely do you prepare your cerebrum? Basic!

You can Google a group of mind preparing applications… play cerebrum preparing diversions… and (stunner!) work out. All the more successfully learn and practice the most established and purest type of reflection – Vipassana. Light cardio in the morning clears the spider webs from your mind. Practice being useful for physical AND reflection being an extravagance for emotional well-being.

2. Count Sheep

Believe it or not, catching some Z’s and chasing sheep is the easiest way to improve your mental health. Would prestigious magazine Men’s Fitness lie?
A clear and alert brain helps us to focus and remember more information. Getting enough sleep on a regular basis allows us to take in more information. Sleep helps solidify memory. 

3.Take A Chill Pill

What seems like a no-brainer… Might make you a no-brainer. Stress plays a monumental part of depreciating the parts of your brain responsible for memory. Plus, actively seeking out stressful situations (or spending time with miserable people who cause you nothing but) is just bad news. For anybody.
Interestingly, the nootropic world is an exciting one to be a part of – partially paving the way towards reclaiming your memory and sending your thinking skills on overdrive. Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that can increase your attention span, help you focus and can work as a studying aid. Other “smart drugs” have unappealing side effects; nootropics are safe, so long as they are used properly.
There’s so much natural and synthetic compounds can do to improve not just your memory, not just your focus, but the very essence of your creativity.
  1. Make Time For Naps

Yep, naps. Power naps. A good forty-five minutes or just twenty minutes; however long you want to; the important part is to nap after you’ve worked hard at the office or home.
Don’t forget, your mind is a powerful machine. It needs time to digest any and all new information you throw at it. We already know what good sleep does to our brains. Why not speed up the “sponge” process of memory recall by taking naps throughout the day? 

5. Hit The Road

Yes, walking doesn’t just make you healthier. Physically and mentally. It helps clears writer’s block and spurs creativity!
A doctor and a professor found that about sixty percent of people (out of 176 altogether) “scored higher” on divergent thinking creativity activities as opposed to the folks who sat down while they performed the activities and tests. How does walking help your brain? It helps the same way exercising does! When you walk, your heart pumps faster, sending more blood and oxygen throughout your body. Your brain and all other organs get an extra dose. Walking helps create new connections between brain cells and increases the region of your brain used for memory.
I personally spend a good twenty minutes, minimum, at the crack of dawn to take a stroll. This is before the mayhem of automotive chaos begins. 

6.Play Those Tunes

It goes without saying by now that music boosts both creativity and mental focus. In anybody, at any age, at any time whatsoever. Hit up YouTube and see many “study or concentration music” playlists designed specifically for this reason.
You’ve also heard about playing classical music to help you during math and science quizzes, right? Einstein believed it was a good idea! Playing classical music (right brain) while taking a math test (left brain) helps connect the two hemispheres of the brain. Listening to classical music also increases cognitive skills. You get a basic brain boost! 

7. Smile and Relax

Learn to let go and let the chips fall where they may. Remember, our brains are COMPLEX organisms. They can’t be firing on all pistons for long. Personally, the creative muse has visited me more than once when I accepted myself, felt good about the world, and learned how to stop thinking so much.
And to boot, remaining calm and consciously choosing to keep a positive spin on things… believe it or not… rewires central neurons in your brain. This rewiring is responsible for “moulding” your brain through use of associations with feelings and stimulation.
So, if your memory is sharper and more focused when you’re in a blissful state… You’re training yourself to feel that way more often. Win win.


By no means is this list exhaustive. Like I said, these are quick and easy “down-and-dirty” gems and “hidden” tricks you can use (today!) to jumpstart your creative process. While simultaneously beefing up your memory recall. Obviously, there’s much, much more to talk about. To learn about and discover. Maybe that’s a journey we can take together some other time.

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