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Zahra Buhari’s wedding postponed by a week

It is no longer news that Zahra Buhari, the pretty daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari was scheduled to wed in the next couple of days with the wedding programme starting on Tuesday 30th of November.
The plans have however been altered, according to the latest reports originating from the family. Independent sources also confirmed this.

According to sources, the wedding Fatiha has now been scheduled for 9th December, 2016. This implies that it has been moved forward by a week.
The reason given for shifting of the wedding is that there is a state visit from a prominent monarch to Nigeria on the day earlier slated for the wedding fatiha and having insisted that he wants to be there at the wedding, the President’s views and position has to be respected.

Meanwhile, we have confirmed that apart from the wedding Fatiha, four other activities are lined up with three of them in Abuja.
These include a dinner by the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari which is to kick-start the whole programme in Abuja. The dinner has been slated for the Banquet hall of the State House. After the dinner comes another dinner by the wife of the Senate President and the last one by the family of the bride. For security reasons, we have been warned keep the other venues as well as dates and times off the media.

It was also learnt that the wedding continues to be a hush hush thing because the powerful forces in the Villa wanted it kept as a total secret until journalists broke the ice.
Indeed, up till date, wedding invitation cards are yet to be sent out despite the fact that ASO Ebi has been purchased. It is as bad as that, our sources confirmed.

Because of the President’s averse to having a wedding that becomes a major issue in the media, no information is being sent out.
Moreover the hawks in the Presidency who want to get back at the wife of the President over her outbursts in the interview with BBC weeks back have also seen an opportunity for them to clip her wings and ensure that what would have come in terms of support from outside of the Villa do not come.
Ordinarily, a source said that she would have bee receiving visitors and goodwill messages by now and such goodwill would have translated into billions of Naira for her daughter’s wedding.

The hawks were quick to point out that it would be bad publicity for the President if the formal announcement is made now and such things happen hence, they must keep the wedding as secret as possible till the last minute.

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