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12 Good Deeds You Can Do This Christmas

"On the first day of Christmas my intimate romance provided for me… " Businesses are getting inventive in discovering approaches to pay back this Christmas.

It is constantly useful for individuals and organizations to give back, yet this is particularly valid at Christmas. This bubbly period can be an opportunity to consider other individuals and support the advantage of others. And also being a pleasant thing to do, great deeds can be extraordinary for your business picture and PR.

Many organizations utilize Christmas as motivation to give back and benefit something for other individuals, in this way, having been propelled by what a few organizations have been doing, here are 12 great deeds which you can do this Christmas.

1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Soup kitchens give the chance for homeless or deprived people to get a hot meal, safety, support and living essentials, as well as company and friendships in a secure environment. Marks & Spencer regularly sends teams of volunteers to help out at soup kitchens.

3. Donate cash.

Many companies give a straight donation or percentage of sales or profits to charity. Waitrose is a great example of this, even employing their green token scheme which allows their customers to vote for a charity where the money will be donated.

4. Give your time.

Companies such as Harry’s Razors encourage their employees to give 1% of their time to charity by donating 1% of sales to charity.

5. Throw a fundraising night.

A business can organize a charity fundraising night, such as a quiz night, race night or festive event. Dunelm is a great example of a company fundraising in this way.

6. Sell something.

Sterling Jewellers sells Christmas bears and send the proceeds to charity. This is a great idea if you are already selling something as it can be incorporated into your day-to-day business.

7. Help good people.

People who do good work within the community may often be forgotten, so it’s nice at Christmas for communities to show that they appreciate their work. Spire Homes and Keepmoat give money, Christmas trees and gifts to invaluable people within the community.

8. Redecorate community centers.

The folks at John Lewis in Reading gave back to the community and boosted their brand locally by redecorating their local community centre.

9. Participate in a charity found on packaging.

You can help with advertising charities on the packaging of your product—Pret A Manger, for example, put charity logos on their cups and other packaging.

10. Give to a featured charity you saw on a marketing channel.

Pret A Manger also features chosen charities on their marketing channels—telling their stories on social media and their website.

11. Donate items or money to collection buckets.

Businesses can create events such as a visit from Father Christmas or carol singing in the street, and make collections with boxes—just like the guys at Dobbies Garden Centres.

12. Participate in an online Christmas auction.

The Business Continuity Initiative is organizing an online Christmas auction with prizes such as football shirts and Christmas hampers.

The benefits of paying back at Christmas are massive for businesses—within the company, the difference that you are making to people’s lives, and in the public view of your brand. Whilst there are ideas which involve a good deal of time and effort, there are also others which can be done simply. So get creative and start thinking about how your business can give back!

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