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4 Simple Exercises That Will Flatten Your Stomach Faster and Easier Than Crunches Ever Can

When most people think of getting a flat stomach they think of running for hours on end and doing a countless number of crunches. However, this might be one of the least effective and most tiring methods of shedding belly fat. There are a variety of different exercises that engage all of the core muscles, rather than the select few that crunches target, which are much more efficient at toning and fat burning.

Here are 4 exercises that can help you tone your midsection and burn fat at the same time.

This exercise is different from most typical core exercises as it involves a twisting movement, which activates the obliques as well as the abdominal muscles. This ensures that sides of your midsection will be toned just as well as your stomach, making it a perfect exercise for preventing or getting rid of love handles.
To do this exercise, lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees pointing upwards, the exact same as the beginning position of a crunch.
Bring lift your upper body up until it is about 45 degrees off of the ground. Twist your upper body to your left, go back into the neutral position, then twist your body to the right. This is one rep.

f you are able to, lift your legs off the ground to further activate your abdominal muscles. If this is still too easy, hold a dumbbell or any sort of heavy object in your hand while you perform the exercise.
Scale Pose
Yoga is one of the best types of exercises when it comes to toning and fat loss, and the scale pose is one of the best poses when it comes to core resistance training. The scale pose is an isometric exercise, meaning that you are not contracting your muscles during the exercises, you are just holding the position. Researchers have found that isometric exercises are correlated with lower levels of fat, making this exercise extremely beneficial when it comes to toning and getting rid of belly fat.
To perform this exercise, sit down in a crossed legged position and place your palms face-down on the floor beside your hips.

Exhale and push your hands against the floor, flex your ab muscles and try to lift yourself off of the floor.
If you find that you cant lift your entire body off the floor, just try to push against the floor until you feel significant resistance and hold that position.
Try holding this position for ten to fifteen seconds.
 V Pose
This is another yoga exercise that is excellent for both it’s fat burning and stomach toning effects.
To perform this exercise, sit down with your legs extended straight out in front of you.


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