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Daddy Freeze Trolls RCCG Over MMM’s Alleged Crash

Popular Cool Fm OAP, Daddy Freeze has taken to his IG page to talk about the recent MMM freeze which has taken Nigerians unawares.
Writing on his page Freeze posted the above photo with the caption; “Dear Redeemed, I greet una o! How market???”. He didn’t just stop there;
When I warned you several times no one listened, I preached about MMM people insulted me, I still didn’t stop, I preached till my thumbs ached and my voice was hoarse they ignored me; now they are commiting suicide.
When are we ever going to learn?
Apostle Suleiman said it was satanic they insulted him, now can you see he was right all along?
I personally think that if Adeboye had separated his church from MMM, because the ‘endorsement’ redeemed gave the scheme, when one of their parishes allowed MMM to be advertised with the redeemed brand logo in the backdrop, only served to fuel people’s interest and trust in the scheme. The church needs to distance itself from Ponzi schemes…..
He went ahead to post meme photos as already circulating on social media. Freeze has always criticized MMM and other Ponzi schemes and right now he and others must be quite elated with the “I told you” feeling.

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