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Download EBOOK: Toke Makinwa – ‘On Becoming’

This is not really about whether you like media personality Toke Makinwa or not. Nor is it about whether you supported or guffawed at her during her very public marriage breakup with her ex-husband Maje Ayida. Nor even if one felt that Toke was ever in any position to be dishing out relationship advice on her vlog. This has nothing to do with that. What the book, which is titled On Becoming, represents is something different and maybe needed for the entertainment industry. Calm down, let me explain.

The Nigerian entertainment industry might be very prolific at producing movies and music, but one thing it is surely lacking in is literature. And I don’t mean that kind of literature books that are more fitting for the insides of secondary school walls. I mean more of the gossipy, scandal-laden, tell-it-all variety. Our gossip blogs don’t even try to fill that gap. Rather than documenting, they are content with just celebrities getting to repost it on social media. We are a people cursed with an ingrained lack of record keeping, something that permeates all through every sector of the nation.

Toke’s attempt to tell her own side of the messy story, no matter how biased, is not only unique but also smart.
Of course, it is a PR exercise, to seize the narrative. Of course, it is an attempt to launder her image and launch her once more into the consciousness Nigerians.

She is definitely going to make some money off it. I mean, the book retails for N5,000 for the physical copy and N8,500 for the e-book.
But at least she is telling her own story, putting down a permanent record for those that care about her story.

I definitely don’t care that much. I am having too much trouble coping with my own personal life to be interested in the sordid details of someone else’s. What I would however not do, like many others have done on social media, is to castigate Toke for telling her own side of the story. It is her undeniable right

Maybe it is the herd mentality or the inability to think straight when we see someone doing something different. It is, however, very strange to see Toke being attacked for having the temerity to write a book about her own life, no matter how sepia-tainted the tale.
Toke is not a perfect person; no one is. But if you care enough to insult her, then her book is for you.
Toke Makinwa – ‘On Becoming || DOWNLOAD EBOOK

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