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Health: Why you shouldn’t eat too much of Bananas.

Everything should be moderate, if you take anything, fruit, food excessively, there would be defects. Be modest!.
Ripe bananas have high level of Tyramine.
You shouldn’t eat overripe bananas, or you will have headache.

And this is the main reason why share this Healthy Banana Tips.
  • Headache
Eating too much bananas can cause headache as bananas contain Tyramine, Phenylethylamine and amino acids which can dilate vessels and increase the amount of blood that goes to brain. Ripe bananas have higher amount of Tyramine, which means the more you leave the bananas ripe, the more possibilities you’ll have a headache by eating those. Therefore, you’d better eat bananas when it isn’t overripe.
Eating too much banana can cause headache.
  • Causing sleepy feelings
Bananas contain tryptophan – an amino acid that the body can’t absorb it by itself.
Carbohydrate in banana can prevent other amino acids secreted by our bodies and allow the tryptophan get into the brain and create serotonin. Serotonin will make you feel sleepy.
Besides, magnesium in banana has the ability to relax muscles. One banana contains 29mg of magnesium. Every day, grown people need to absorb 300-400mg of magnesium.
Therefore, eating too much banana can make the body absorb too much magnesium, which leads to poisoning with drowsiness, fatigue and diarrhea on the outside.
You can eat banana before going to sleep to make it easier to get into sleep. Avoid eating banana when you have a long way to go or stay conscious.
One banana contains 29mg of magnesium.
  • Banana is a nutritious food but eating too many bananas will bring no good.
Eating too much banana increases the amount of potassium in blood, causes nausea and slow pulse.
Potassium in banana helps control muscle tissues, improve digestion and metabolism in the body. Nonetheless, if the amount of potassium in the body is too much, it can lead to a potassium increase in blood.
A potassium increase in blood can cause heartbeat abnormalities, nausea, slow pulse and even cardiac arrest. One banana provides 400mg potassium while the body needs 4.700 mg potassium a day. Therefore, you shouldn’t eat too much banana in a day to prevent potassium excess which cause bad effects on the health.
  • Mental damage
In banana, there’s a plenty of vitamin B6. The vitamin will help you maintain a healthy nervous system as well as disintegrate carbohydrate and fat.
Nevertheless, if the body absorbs too much vitamin B6, it can produce toxic and damage the nervous system and paralyze limbs. The maximum amount of vitamin B6 for a day is 100 milligrams while a banana can provide 0.8 milligrams. This means you shouldn’t eat too much banana daily or it will cause nutrition plethora and health damage.
Vitamin B6 in banana will help you maintain a healthy nervous system as well as disintegrate carbohydrate and fat.

It’s impossible to deny that eating banana is good for health but you should be careful eating this nutritious food.
English and Italian researchers discover that eating 3 bananas a day will be good for health and provide enough potassium for the body, reduce the risk of blood clots in brain and strokes.

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