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How To use Airtel Facebook Freebasics On Your Computer

To use Facebook Freebasics On Your Computer. recently facebook founder launched a free platform called and partnered with most of the mobile network to enable internet users have free access to the internet without data of the partner, airtel has made this possible for their customers to surf the internet free of charge via the website. so if you are an airtel customer around the world, you are eligible to make use of facebook freebasics to browse the internet free of charge.with this in mind, i wrote a post, introducing for those making use of mobile phone.
this is because website only support the use of mobile phone, either nokia java phone, Symbian, android, windows mobile, blackberry, iPhone etc provided you are using the mobile network that has partnered with 
Facebook freebasics, in this case, lets use airtel since they are one of the first partners that have enabled the freebasics on their network. so for those using mobile phone, you can have access to the site without stress but for those making use of computer, you are not allowed to make use of the site because it will display as desktop view with a message written “To browse popular websites for free, download the Free Basics Android app or visit on your phone with a SIM card from Airtel”.
You will also noticed that the freebasics website will have a url link guess you noticed the word desktop written on the link. this means that the site will detect you are making use of a computer and disable its features to allow you make use of it on your computer because it is only designed for mobile phone users, probably to reduced data load since most of the website will display their mobile version instead of full desktop version.

With this error, most of you making use of computer are stuck but let me make you smile as i have discovered a trick on How To Use Facebook With Your Computer. i have tried it and it works perfectly. since they only allow mobile device users, we shall make use of a mobile emulator extension on google chrome. this extension will trick the platform to display as if you are making use of a mobile device because it has most of the mobile device strings called browser user agents. you will see different mobile device options ranging from HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, Nexus, Kindle fire etc. so its up to you to decide which mobile emulator user agent you wish to make use of.
Although, i make use of this google chrome extension to test responsiveness of a website to see how it looks on mobile device. this way you can have a feel of how a website you are creating will look like on mobile devices before launching.enough said, lets get down to details.
The name of the extension is called ” Responsive Web Design Tester ” . i believe the name says it all. like i had said, i make use of it to test run the responsiveness of a website to have a feel on how it will look like on any mobile device. so with this, we can use it to trick the Facebook website to think we are making use of mobile phone device or operating system.

How To Use Facebook On Your Computer
First of all, download the chrome extension called responsive web design tester via link below.note you will have to install google chrome browser if you don’t have one.
After downloading it as part of your chrome extension, it will be added to your chrome browser. scroll to the top right, you will see an icon that looks like a computer with mobile not click on it yet
Visit the Facebook website. it will display the desktop version as usual

Now, scroll to the top right and click the responsive web design tester icon
It will display an option for you to select the device you wish.
Click on the option, a drop down list will display the type of mobile devices available such as HTC, Samsung, Nexus, Blackberry etc. also note that you will see some thing like portrait or landscape.

Portrait means the site will display in normal vertical while landscape means the site will display in horizontal format. the one will mostly use is vertical, so select vertical from any of the mobile device
It will display the freebasics platform as if you are using mobile phone, click the continue button to gain full access.

It will display the full list of website available for you to browse. click any of the website to enjoy free browsing on your computer on Facebook freebasics
If the responsive web design tester is not working for you, then you may try another chrome extension called User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome

For those using Mozilla Firefox, you can download /firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher-firefox/
Responsive Web Design Tester is not available for firefox, so make do with the one i have mentioned for firefox.

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