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Listen Carefully, Here Are 9 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media


A lot of peeps are guilty of this, some even go to the extent of even telling you who and who in the family are going and who is staying, informing the public that you are off to Ibadan for new yam festival and would be there for two weeks might also end in dire consequences. This is bad as you could be alerting robbers and bad people of the situation at hand. You could post whatever you want to post on social media especially Facebook, but when it comes to the holiday/vacation/traveling aspect, Just refrain from sharing.


Where are my betting and gambling peeps? Those who can’t do without going to Nairabet; those streets urchins who cant sleep unless their legs greets the floor of the betting houses. You see guys on Facebook with status like “Guess What I just grabbed 750k from bet9ja; they must surely pay. I’m on my way to the bank with them”.
Well my question to you guys is,“How would you feel after winning your game and then get kidnapped, or on getting home your debtors are already sitting and waiting at home? Its not going to end well. You can as well prevent this by not posting your winning tickets on social media and keep the information to yourself.”


Most people give out their home address location more than you think; its not as dangerous as posting about your holiday plans but can be used against you. lets say,you got someone angry on Facebook, and maybe forget about it but the person doesn’t, he seeks for retaliation and he seems not to be getting any, and then you post your home address on your status innocently, see you in the hospital if lucky.
Current location is as dangerous as lighting a matchstick at the petrol station. There are lot of risks associated with revealing your current location and home address on social media.


Posting details about you Bank account on social networks has no much risks associated to it, but I would advise that you don’t post your bank details publicly on social media. There is no need for it. Anyone who wishes to send money to you should message you privately, H@ckers are everywhere and just need a little detail from you and your money is a thing of the past.


Almost everyone is a student of the above course; social media has a hand in 48% of ruined relationship. Relationships when taken to social networks don’t last.
Social media is not a place for solving relationship issues Infact it does the opposite and those who bring their relationship to social networks end up regretting it.


People who show off their wads of cash, gold plated items, mansions, cars, expensive cloths etc. on social media should reduce this character to its minimum or refrain totally from doing such in order not to be robbed or attacked by armed robbers or burglars.


I don’t think any sane person as of this modern era will go on social media to post their Nuddes (Un.clad pictures), especially someone who wants to build a personality and be respected later in the future.
Even if you think your privacy is strong, remember Facebook could be H@cked and all those pictures sent via inbox message could be leaked to people you don’t want it to be showed to. Spare yourself any future blame and desist from anything that would make you sent your Nuddes on social media.


Still using this to elaborate more on family privacy as some of it has been said in No 1, anything family should stay family and has nothing to do with social media. If Your Family plans to buy the university of Nigeria, Good. But, don’t go ahead to reveal anything unless it is a concluded and done deal. Posting something that is not yet done might pose a risk in the future.


I can recall this guy who wrote something about First Bank in his second year at school, when he finally graduated 3 years later, he went for an interview and was disqualified because of it, after it was dug up later. A word is enough for the wise.

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