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Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo finally responds – The facts about my MMM Nigeria involvement.

The said Owner of MMM Nigeria, Pastor Ernest Mbanefo has come out today to deny the ownership of MMM Nigeria. He wrote a lenghty post as seen below on his blog. Read what he has to say:

“On the 2nd of December 2016, majority of Nigeria media houses posted unfounded, unverified, misleading articles about me being the owner/founder of MMM Nigeria. I found the articles to be hilarious and wish to highlight the callous, irresponsible, unprofessional modus operandi of many Nigerian journalists. All in an effort to be like Linda Ikeji (a successful, high earning Nigerian blogger), the Nigeria media will write anything to attract traffic to their websites and blogs, even if it means destroying the reputation, name, character or identity of innocent individual(s), group(s), company or organization.
I wish to use this opportunity and platform to declare the following:
The Facts
I am neither the Owner nor the founder of MMM Nigeria.
I do not have any contact or acquaintance with the owner(s) or Founder(s) of MMM Nigeria.
I did not introduce MMM to Nigeria, but am glad it came.
I am an Ordinary Participant like the over 2 million Nigerians who are participants of MMM Nigeria.
I registered to join MMM Nigeria on the 2nd of June 2016 (see image for proof below).
Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo Registered for MMM Nigeria on the 2nd of june 2016
I registered to be a guider (knowledgeable participants), and became a guider after fulfilling the requirements of the course.

I registered and own the domain which expires on the 7th of June 2019 (could be extended) Other websites owned by other participants include;,,,,
I make financial contributions (provide help) to the MMM Nigeria community like everyone else and accept all the benefits and risks like everyone else. On the 13th of October 2016, i provided help of N3,000,000.

Message to Nigerian Media/Journalists – You could have contacted me
It is sad that Journalism in Nigeria has become so shallow and a shadow of itself, now bereft of basic, standard investigations, review and verification of facts; the likes of Dele Giwa and Sam Amuka-Pemu will be crying in their graves. Professionalism and etiquette went out the window a long time ago, with editors approving and allowing junk materials to pass through their desks. What happened to the knack, hunger and thirst for the truth and the facts? What happened to a humble, basic, professional request to be granted an interview as the first step towards getting the facts right?

Being an online person, my footprints are all over the internet, including phone numbers, email addresses, skype and social media platforms, but only one Lordson Okpetu of Concise News contacted me to find out the facts. i believe it was only after my brief interview over the phone that a few media houses posted the news of my denial of my purported ownership of MMM Nigeria. Lordson Okpetu’s report can be found here:
To the majority of the responsible Nigerian journalists, I say do your homework, go under cover, register to join MMM Nigeria with a thousand Naira and give yourselves the opportunity to get first hand facts about MMM Nigeria, you may also contact me on to straighten your facts.

You all (Nigerian journalists) could have contacted me before writing all the rubbish you wrote on the 2nd of December 2016. I do hereby declare yet again that I am neither the owner, nor the founder of MMM Nigeria, rather I am an ordinary participant with a super creative mind. I am also a super guider (not even in the top 100) committed to helping tens of thousands of participants in the community with solution to their operational problems, including logging issue, account blocking, lifting of both temporary moratorium and removal of Google authenticator, to mention a few. See testimonies of this: Testimonies about pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo.
No Bank (including First Bank of Nigeria, First National Bank (FNB) SA and Zenith bank) can survive these attacks

Let me also say this; MMM by itself and left alone will run smoothly until Jesus Christ comes, but the negative attacks by the media (irresponsible journalism) creates unnecessary bias and fear in the minds of innocent and responsible participants, thereby breaking the organized, well thought out operational structure of any targeted MMM community, which inevitably leads to a temporary or in some cases permanent damage.

Honestly speaking, no bank anywhere in the world can survive the nature of attacks thrown at MMM anywhere. Throw 10 percent of these attacks at any bank and see how the dawn of the next morning of the next working day will record chaos at the front gate, with thousands of account holders demanding to withdraw all their money. Even then the respective bank will have to manage the chaos and expectation of its disgruntled customers, by creating and presenting a structured approach toward any withdrawals. So the current freeze in place in MMM Nigeria is a structured approach towards maintaining a healthy community.
Rubbish article by about me, zero percent (0%) truth. Should be Expunged.

The article by is scandalous, evil and misleading. I wish to use this medium and platform to refute all its content with facts.

Their unfounded claim:
1. MMM Nigeria Founder Pastor Ernest Mbanefo Is A Scammer. I AM NO OWNER/FOUNDER OF MMM NIGERIA, SO I CANNOT BE A SCAMMER.
2. MMM Nigeria Founder Pastor Ernest Mbanefo Is A Fraudster. I AM NO OWNER/FOUNDER OF MMM NIGERIA, SO I CANNOT BE A FRAUSTER.
3. The founder of MMM Nigeria is a South Africa-based Nigerian fraudster, who parades himself as Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo. I AM NO OWNER/FOUNDER OF MMM NIGERIA, SO I CANNOT BE A FRAUDSTER.
4. He is the founder of Mbanefo Nigerian Communications Network. I OWN NO COMPANY IN NIGERIA CURRENTLY.
5. He reportedly started his own scam called MMM Nigeria in order to dupe gullible Nigerians who want an avenue to double their money without working for it. I AM NO OWNER/FOUNDER OF MMM NIGERIA, SO I CANNOT BE A 

6. A source contacted in South Africa this morning revealed that the alleged scammer is currently based in Port Harcourt Rivers State. I HAVE NEVER LIVED IN PORT HARCOURT.
7. According to our investigation, he currently shuttles between Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa to strengthen his network. I HAVE NEVER 

8. He reportedly has over 200 agents working for him. I AM NO OWNER/FOUNDER OF MMM NIGERIA, SO I CANNOT HAVE AGENTS.
9. As it stands, he has duped over 2 million Nigerians of over 1 billion Naira. 

I am a proud participant of MMM Nigeria and cannot wait to continue in January 2017

Since I joined MMM Nigeria, like the over two million Nigerians who are participants, I have benefited a lot from this divine arrangement. I am not moved of fazed by what the media say and how they have chosen to attack and destroy MMM Nigeria, my question is this; How possible is it that any organization, company, project or business will survive the avalanche of attacks loaded with lies that MMM in any country suffers.
Long Live MMM Nigeria
Long Live MMM Global
Long Live federal Republic of Nigeria
Together we change the world.”

Source: ernestmbanefoblog

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