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Seven 7 ways to be unique in a world where no one feels special

In our society, everyone wants to be unique. However, in this highly competitive world, there are many people who can do the same things you do…meaning you don’t really stand out. Don’t expect to just show up and be noticed; here are seven purposeful ways to be unique in a world where no one seems special:

1. Experiences

Nothing can replace the knowledge we gain when we experience the world around us. As we live and experience different places and people, we see how others live and function. We start to realize how diverse life actually is. We also get to know ourselves and understand how we react to unfamiliar situations. These life lessons give us insight into what makes us happy, uncomfortable, angry or excited. You can apply these insights to new situations which will get you noticed.

2. Creativity

Creativity is so important because it encourages people to view problems from a different angle to find an effective solution. If we are all stuck in the same problem solving pattern, we may miss an efficient solution. Everyone thinks differently; stand out by letting your creativity thrive and not conforming to the crowd.

3. Being self-aware

Part of being self-aware is knowing what your weaknesses are. People consciously look back to understand the past, they learn from it. The more they reflect and process these events the more they can take from the experience. As we look back, we can analyze our actions (good and bad) and understand ourselves better.

4. Working hard

Being willing to work hard for your position is probably the most important of all these traits. If you are struggling, hard work will likely lead you to an answer. Stand out as dedicated and intelligent by methodically working on a task without giving up.

5. Being driven

Making a plan, staying focused on your goals and completing your project is an impressive trait. When someone is driven, they are personally motivated to stick to their guns and finish, even when things get hard. A driven person is good at motivating others and naturally find themselves in leadership roles. They always keep things moving which helps the team meet their goal.
6. Intuition
Go with your gut, not just your brain. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore internal cues to go a certain direction. This mistake leads us to make the wrong choice, leaving us confused or frustrated. By tapping into our intuition, we can listen and recognize our emotions and urges behind decisions, leaving us happy with our choices.

7. Be you

People spend a lot of time just trying to fit in or be liked. But changing ourselves to fit in actually does not make us truly happy. humans have a desire to be authentic and doing so correlates with higher levels of life satisfaction and well-being. Bascially, when we act in a way that feels most ‘like ourselves’ we feel happier. Be both unique and happy by being yourself.

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