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Stevie Wonder Hit With Tax Lien

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder has been hit with a demand from US government officials for unpaid taxes, according to reports.
However, it seems the 66-year-old should not be too financially troubled by the sum the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) in America is demanding, as according to TMZ, it amounts to a paltry $645.32 in unpaid property taxes.
The demand is not the first time the ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ singer has been hit with a small tax bill by US authorities. In 2013 he received a request for $138, including a lien of just $40 and $98 in penalties.
With some estimates placing Wonder’s net worth in the proximity of $100 million, the star is unlikely to have any problem settling his alleged tax bill.
Stevie Wonder who is known for always wearing sunglasses has been blind since shortly after birth.
He is considered to be one of the most critically and commercially successful musical performers of the late 20th century.

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