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Vector Or Modenine: Who Is Nigeria’s Best Lyricist Of All Time ?

The Challengers For Best Nigerian Lyricist Of All Time Are Two Contenders Whose Rap Prowess Has Stood Them Out From The Rest. I Am Talking Of The Two Greatest Raplords Nigerian Have Ever Seen; Modenine And The Viper,
Vector .

It’s no news that when you mention rappers in Nigeria that have remained true to the calling without swaying to singing like other rappers have done, then you have to give it to these guys. They have stood firmly to the game and have always represented the true esence of hiphop and rap culture.
Vector is one rapper who is so skillful with words and his lyrics sometimes sounds like sweet poem to the ears. His dexterity with words and pun has made him a force in rap music in Nigeria. There is hardly any rapper in Nigeria except from Modenine who can stand him in a rap battle. Those who have tried it by releasing beef tracks have themselves to blame. You can’t fully digest and comprehend his songs just be listening to it once, you have to listen to it over again to crasps and decode the message underline in the lyrics.

Vector has won the award for Lyricist On The Roll twice at HEADIES in 2012 and 2015. He was nominated in 2011 for thesame award but he didn’t win. Vector has been dominating the Nigerian Hip Hop scene since his emergence in 2010 and he is still growing stronger with his 3rd studio album “Lafiaji” to be released next week, 20th of December, 2016, we can only anticipate the best.

The name Modenine resonates undiluted Hiphop and when I mean Hiphop I mean hardcore Hip Hop. Modenine is in a world of his own in which no other rapper in Nigeria can come close to, in terms of his rap prowess. His ingenuity with dissecting words and breathing life to it is astounding. He is arguably the only Nigerian rapper who has stucked to hardcore rap music.
Modenine needs no introduction in the Hip Hop world. His works speaks for him even though he is not appreciated in his country but true Hip Hop heads all over the world know he is a rear gem whose input in rap music can’t be overemphasized. For those who don’t know,

Modenine has won the Lyriscist On The Roll award at HEADIES seven times more than any other rapper till date. Five times more than his closest rival, Vector . Modenine has released 4 albums, 4 featured albums and 5 mixtapes till date. His achievements is way bigger than any hiphop artistes in Nigeria.
Vector and Modenine are two Hiphop ambassadors who are representing the true essence of rap music. But not withstanding there is always a King. Who truly deserves to be crowned Nigerian Lyricist of all time , Vector or Modenine? Share your thoughts below and we might just be able to find the winner from your comments.

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