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Why my Marriage is still intact – Actress, Mosun Filani

She is one of Nollywood Yoruba actresses with an enviable marriage. Beautiful, fashionable and popular actress, Mosun Filani-Oduoye is always an item with her husband, Hon Kayode Oduoye, a lawyer cum politician in Osun State.

The couple got married in 2012 and is blessed with two children.
Kayode’s father is the late Senator Simeon Oduoye, a retired AIG who served as Military Administrator of Ebonyi and Niger states. He later became a senator and represented Osun Central in the Senate from 2007 to 2011.

For a celebrity marriage that has become envy among her peers and colleagues, Mosun Filani, who is fondly called Yeye Alubarika, spoke exclusively to Kemiashefonlovehaven on what makes her marriage work:
She said, “There are many factors in making a marriage work and the first factor is the God factor. God is the only one that makes all things possible and He makes love to grow in the hearts of a couple for each other.
“The second is love and understanding. When you love and understand each other, things work easily and there are no problems.”
Though she was off the screen for some years to have her babies, Mosun is back on set. Last year, she featured in a few films and also produced one.
Currently, she is on the set of a film, ‘ARA’ produced by Mercy Ebosele.
The beautiful mother of two lives in Osun State with her family. Asked how she juggles her time as a mother, actress and businesswoman, 
she replied:
“I plan my time. Anytime my husband will not be around, I don’t pick up any acting job. I work with his time and schedule my appointments to what will suit us.

“If a producer wants me on location, the timing has to be Ok by me especially my family.”
This takes her to talking about what makes celebrity marriages work.

She said, “When you are married, the two of you must know that you are no longer single and you can’t live your life as a single man/woman. You are no longer on your own and you stay back from distractions.
“The first 10 years are critical because those are the years that form the foundation of any home. You need to know each other well and learn to bond. Once you are married, you need to create time for your family because that is the time you get to know the family you are married into. Also, learn to do everything together and that way, external influence is avoided.”
On her husband, she told KALH, “Thank God for His mercies because my husband has always been there for me. Truth is, you can only record success in your endeavours when you are blessed with a stable and peaceful home front and there is no domestic upheaval. He has been quite supportive.”

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