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Why You Should Not Have Se*x Before Marriage

A lot of youths these days are finding it more and more difficult to avoid fornication. They are coming up with less reasons to keep that part of themselves under wraps until they have ‘officially’ committed to their partners.

Apart from the religious motivation for waiting till marriage to have se*x, here are some other reasons that should convince you.

1. You focus on what is important:
Often times, when an unmarried couple start having se*x, their relationship tends to revolve around se*x. They forget that dating also means getting to know your partner in other ways. But taking se*x out of the equation will enable your both focus on building a more healthy foundation for your union.
You get to really know each other, build trust, connect emotionally and bond in ways that would last you your entire marriage.

2. You weed out users:
For women, it is important to make the right choice when picking a partner. A lot of men are out there whose sole aim is to use women for se*xual favours. When a woman then refuses this and is determined to save herself for marriage, she makes sure that only the one fully and ready to commit to her, get underneath her clothes.

3. You have something to look forward to:
Marriage, while challenging, is supposed to also be an exciting event and one reason for this excitement is that couples are looking forward to knowing each other in ways they never did while dating. Holding-off on se*x until the wedding night would give you a reason to look forward to your day.

4. Prevents you from confusing love and lust:
Se*x sometimes causes confusion when dating. Having regular se*x with your partner could blur your vision and make it difficult for you to know if you really love a person. You are so distracted by the physical chemistry that you are unable to see if you are compatible in other areas. Avoiding se*x prevents this from happening.

5. No unwanted pregnancy:
 Most couples, when dating and having se*x, do a lot to prevent unwanted pregnancy since they are not yet able to make that ultimate commitment.
Even with the attempts, unwanted pregnancies do occur and this would lead to them making drastic decisions like abortions or even a marriage that neither partner is ready for. Holding off completely cancels out the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies and you can just focus on being together.
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