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3 finger hand factory format s60 symbian phone

So many of us find it hard to believe that one can easily factory format s60 Symbian Nokia phone using 3 finger factory format method.the 3 finger factory format of s60 Symbian Nokia phone is an easy and quick way to phone back to normal state.this is another alternative to flash it without should in case you are having problem with your Nokia s60 3rd or higher version  and you would like to restore it immediately,then this method will enable you to do that.using this method does not require Nokia firmware download,yeah you heard me right,cool hun.i will share with you on how to 

fully restore factory settings of your s60 Nokia Symbian mobile phone using 3 finger factory format method.

just follow the steps bellow.
how to factory format s60v3rd, 5th edition Symbian Nokia mobile phone
if you have problem with you Nokia Symbian phone and wish to quickly format it,then hold the following button.
hold the green calling button together with * and 3,then press the switch ON button and wait for it to show up the format process before leaving it.the factory format may take some time, so wait for it to be completed.that's all.


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