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Budget Padding: War of words as Kemi Olunloyo confronts Dogara’s alleged private investigator

Popular US trained journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, is currently at ‘war’ with one SEGA L’éveilleur, a strategist and self-acclaimed private investigator to speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara over the much publicized budget padding scandal.
The issue which is literally tearing Twitter apart ensued after suspended House of Representatives member, Abdulmumin Jibrin, called out Sega (@segalink).

Jibrin, @AbdulAbmJ had called @segalink a blackmailer who wants to eat from both sides.
He wrote: “It is a shame that such a person like @segalink could descend so low and join the gang of crooks for his stomach. We must remain vigilant!!!
“I wasn’t suprise when he started tweeting the so called dossier that expectedly turned out recycled allegations already addressed @segalink.
“He became desperate and was sending tacit threats that he has the capacity to turn the heat against me because he has “my dossier” @segalink.
“Since I know I got nothing to hide and have adressed all allegations against me, I told my friend to ignore him @segalink
“Few days ago, a friend contacted me that this guy @segalink says he has a dossier on me he got from Dogara but he can cover it up for 25m.”
In a heated argument, Ms Olunloyo categorically stated: “@AbdulAbmJ @SpeakerDogara #HNNInvestigates #Nigerians Hmmmm! I pray Dogara answers your request, the man is hiding something.
In his response, Dogara’s alleged private investigator tweeted: “@HNNAfrica Madam you are not worth my attention. You and @AbdulAbmJ deserve each other.
“Take your N25m as suggested to him & keep me out of it.”
The Snitch Lady responded: “#hnninvestigates – I don’t mind elevating a LIAR, FRAUD, CHEAT on my verified pages to get u more followers. @AbdulAbmJ is no looter #CabalBoy.”

@segalink tweeted: “@HNNAfrica @AbdulAbmJ Thanks for the elevation but I’m an ordinary citizen. I’m already out here there’s nothing to expose. @HNNAfrica @AbdulAbmJ this is not a discovery my dear rapscallion. I published this too. It is no secret and please do take care of yourself.
“You are old enough to be @AbdulAbmJ’s mother yet you play the fool at his command?”
Ms Olunloyo replied: “#hnninvestigates I have no grand kids, access to looted funds and u are slowly inviting a defamation lawsuit regarding the @AbdulAbmJ case.
“U didn’t PUBLISH @SpeakerDogara investigation. Republish it NOW. Have u read @MrAbuSidiq @Omojuwa @ogundamisi TL? @AbdulAbmJ cant be wrong.
“#hnninvestigates I’m not old enuff to b @AbdulAbmJ’s mom. I’m 52, he’s 40 & I didn’t have BABIES at 12yo. U are a cabal member now CRUSHED!
“#hnninvestigates Im NOT keeping u out of it, I’m EXPOSING u to #Nigeria. U are liar, cheat & fraud. U are the ones who are destroying Nigeria.
“#hnninvestigates is asking @segalink why you DENIED speaking with @AbdulAbmJ at any point in your investigation of @SpeakerDogara . U LIED!
“#hnninvestigates discovered DM’s between @segalink and @AbdulAbmJ as far back as December 2016 that contradicted his investigation stand.”

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