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How Billionaire Heiress, Femi Otedola’s Daughter, DJ Cuppy, Romantically Hooked Up with Football Star, Victor Anichebe

The truth leapt from her lips like the national flag outspread in the breeze. It coloured the air as chrysanthemums colour the woods from antique bronze to soft yellow. News of her hidden love interest mingled with her sunny smile thus portraying Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy as everything but a sweet diva. No doubt, the daughter of billionaire magnate, Femi Otedola, is in love. And the man for whom her heart beats is none other than ex-Super Eagles star and premiership footballer, Victor Anichebe. DJ Cuppy made the disclosure on TV show, Rubbing Minds, recently as she talked openly for the first time about her heartthrob, Anichebe.

The show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked her about him and she said; “He is good. We are good. He is very busy. It’s sad we don’t get to spend Christmas together.” Revealing how they met, she said: “It was actually a setup. I was complaining of how I was going to be single forever to a stylist that I work with and she was like ‘Oh! my other client also complains of how he would be single forever. I was in New York at that time and she said I think you guys should just go for a coffee. I happened to be in London and he happened to be in London and we went for coffee and the rest is history.” When Victor met Florence, he lost his head and his heart.

Lest you begin to think that he lost his mind, the footballer did not slip into psychosis rather he fell head over heels in love with Florence. Thus soon after they encountered each other and struck a blissful friendship, Victor, like the proverbial triple pillar of the world, became DJ Cuppy’s version of the Aeolian Harp. Florence, like a practiced possessor and player of the Aeolian Harp, pulled at the strings of Victor’s heart. The effect was awesome. It excited in Victor spasms of pleasure and indescribable passion. However, their passionate encounter was hardly one-sided. He evenly excited strange impulses in Florence thus animating her in unusual ways and causing her to swoon over him even when she struggled not to. Their story reads like a passionate thesis on a classical verse of love.


Like scorching napalm, bursting out of the nuzzle of a lethal flame thrower, the words let loose from the lips of Pastor DK Olukoya. ‘Christmas is demonic,’ he claimed, hence his refusal to celebrate it. The General overseer of the Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM), one of the biggest churches in Nigeria, revealed that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas because it’s demonic, and it’s a tradition that his church members do not celebrate it. “In Mountain of Fire, we don’t celebrate Christmas because the root is demonic,” he claimed. This served as a big shocker to millions of Nigerian Christians who went out of their way to uphold the yearly festivity.

However, to the Nigerian faithful, a blundering pastor may get away with everything as long the fellow involve is a man of God. And to anyone who dares question the excesses of any such man, the parishioners would admonish: “Be careful what you say about a man of God.” Many a Nigerian pastor swathes himself in that rapacious cloak even as it evolves into an iron cage from which he mesmerizes his habitually-gullible followers, leading them on by a leash, into his iron cage. It is on scriptural records that Jesus Christ, when winding up his mission of salvation about two thousand years ago, expressed his ambivalence about finding faith in the world when he returns. He must have seen with precision the impending decadence awaiting Christendom after his departure.


Tragedy invaded the lives of the Ocholis like a medieval brute, painfully and quite unexpectedly. It claimed the lives of James Ocholi, a former minister in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet, his wife and son. However, since their sad demise in a terrible accident some months ago, life has become harder and the days longer for Ocholi’s surviving kids. It was a very cold Christmas for the children left behind. Besides feeling the absence of their late parents and sibling, friends and relatives that swore to stand by them in the wake of their loss, virtually deserted them.
Their house is no longer a Mecca of sort. Friends and family who promised the Ocholis’ surviving kids heaven on earth have disappeared into thin air. Sadly, the story has changed and they are on their own.

Source: Thisday

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