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Evil Police Officers R*pe Young Black Man With Police Baton Leaving Him Seriously Injured (Photos+Video)

 French police officers have been secretly filmed brutally assaulting a black teenager by inserting baton in his anus.

Rioting has broken out on a tinderbox French council estate after policemen were accused of sexually assaulting a black youth worker by forcefully inserting a police baton in his anus. The officers were secretly filmed by an individual who couldn't stand the assault. 
The amateur video was posted online by the BFM news channel showing the 22-year-old, who has been identified as 'Theo' by protesters,  being arrested last Thursday.
Now one of four officers involved in the incident has been charged with rape on the so-called '3000 estate' in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in the north east suburbs of Paris, reports Dailymail.
In horrific scenes that have been edited out of the film, a telescopic baton was allegedly inserted into the man's anal passage. The man was so badly injured that he required surgery on his injuries. 
The three other officers involved have in turn been charged with 'deliberate violence'. All face trial. Today bloodstains were still visible where the attack happened, and the alleged victim was still 'traumatised' with a 'severe wound' in hospital.
The incident has forced many people to protest in the streets. Rioting has taken place every night since, with Socialist presidential candidate Benoit Hamon saying: 'Police represent the republic that they protect. There is an urgent need to reestablish confidence.'
A march is planned though the estate today, and there are fears that it too could descend into violence.
'We are doing everything possible to maintain public order,' said a local police source.

'Gangs of youths have been attacking us, and setting property on fire every night. The fear is that this violence will escalate.'
Police argue that Theo's injuries are consistent with an accident, in which his tracksuit bottoms fell down and the baton penetrated him. It was not until the patrol brought the man back to their station that they noticed he was bleeding, and called paramedics.
'He was there at the wrong time and came across some crooks,' his brother-in-law Johann told BFM television, explaining the arrest.
His sister Aurelie called for calm as supporters gathered outside her brother's home on Monday holding banners reading 'Justice for Theo'.
The local prosecutor's office said the police had stopped a group of around a dozen people 'after hearing calls characteristic of lookouts at drug dealing sites'.
During the operation they 'attempted to arrest a 22-year-old man'.
When he resisted, they used tear gas, and 'one of them used an expandable baton,' the prosecutor's office said, without giving further details.
The Socialist politician in charge of the Seine-Saint-Denis region where Aulnay-sous-Bois is located, Stephane Troussel, said the incident raised 'numerous questions'
'Although thousands of police are doing their work properly... too many arrests end in nightmares for some young people. The image of the Republic is being tarnished. We have to urgently find a solution,' he said in a statement. 

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