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“How frustrated Tonto Dikeh packed out of her Husband’s house in Abuja” — Insider reveals

Few hours after Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh openly confirmed the crash of her marriage, an insider from her husband’s side has revealed what led to her exit from Oladunni Churchill home in Abuja.
Recall the actress took to her Instagram to reveal some details, This is in response to an open letter a concerned fan wrote to her. She wrote:
“Dear ‘concerned’ fan, Good day.
How are you and your family? My regards, love and greetings to them.
Now to address a little bit of your letter, firstly I say I do appreciate your concern. Then I move on to say thank you. When a woman leaves her husband, she takes her child because absolutely nothing else matters to her but the child. This is what I did and I happily give all access for his father to see him. Now my question to you is that did your source also tell you that he has never called for once to Ask how his son is doing? I will admit, I personally blocked his access to me for the sake of my emotional stability. But nonetheless he has the nannys no, my assistants contact,my part time helps number, and many other mediums of reaching the son your source claims I “took away”. He could use all possible mediums wisely if he wished to.
Secondly I will let you go on the ill talk on smoking as I would love to believe you were just sent and ignored my drug test result or you never even saw it in the first place..
As an acclaimed “concerned fan” I expect you to pray and not to indirectly throw “concerned” shades.
What goes on in my marriage and home is my personal life, i’m grateful for all the years of support you all have been giving me but when it comes to the matters of the heart have enough respect to let us go thru our moments alone.. Like I said earlier your prayers for wisdom on both parties wld be more appreciated.
No one knows what goes on behind close doors…I chose to make you believe and see what I wanted you all to see in order to protect even those that did not deserve protection. My dear friend that’s called marriage!!! God bless you immensely for even thinking about my family, God has never failed, God never sleeps nor slumbers, He is a just God.
He never brings us this far to leave us, We will be ok.. Once again thank you so much my “concerned” friend and have a blessed day!!!”
Meanwhile, NaijaGists put a call through a source yesterday evening who said the marriage crashed a long time ago and that the actress was the only one staying in her matrimonial home in the past 4 months but when she noticed her man hasn’t returned home since October of last year, the actress got the signal that it is time for her to move on.
Our source revealed that Dunni Churchill carefully planned the whole scenario that forced Tonto out of his home.

We learnt that on January 15th 2017, the domestic staff working at Dunni’s mansion in Abuja suddenly quit since their Oga on top has not paid their salaries since last November.
All efforts made by the actress to ‘bring back her oga on top’ reportedly failed, this we learnt necessitated her action.
Another point the source raised is that Tonto Dikeh is hot tempered and very protective of her man. She reportedly threatened him over the phone when her husband’s secret romance with his Personal Assistant, Rosaline Meurer was exposed.

This and many other reasons forced Dunni Churchill to return to his base in Ghana. His refusal to return home reportedly sent a strong signal to Tonto that he’s no longer interested in the marriage.
As we speak, the actress has silently relocated to Lagos to reignite her acting career.
Tonto Dikeh and Dunni married in Port Harcourt last year August.
The union that seems like a match made in heaven has now crashed.
Their short lived marriage is blessed with a son named Andre.
So sad!!

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