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I do not regret exposing ‘Yahoo Boys’ pastors – OAP Freeze denies report

Cool FM On-Air Personality, OAP, Freeze, has cleared the air over a report claiming he regretted calling out ‘fake’ pastors whom he termed ‘Yahoo Boys’.
A report emerged online on Thursday, claiming the OAP said he regrets calling out some Nigerian pastors and that he had lived his life sleeping with every girl.
In a swift response, the outspoken media personality, on his Instagram page @daddyfreeze, said, “My life must really be peppering some people o! Chai!…. Na wa o….
“I actually have an idea where this rumour is emanating from, and I empathize with the person, because it’s obvious they can’t get over the fact that I’m in a good place now.
“These same people are angry that I am not begging on the streets, despite all their juju and are so troubled that they have decided to come out and publicly slander me. #WellDoneMa.
“Guys, these fictitious posts are malicious, aimed at assassinating my character and my legal team is already dealing with Shopkudi online on Facebook, the blog behind the libelous posts!
“I have NEVER regretted exposing the Yahoo Boy pastors, who have mortgaged the senses of the Nigerian Christian population, neither have I ever said, that I sleep with every girl I worked with, or use sex as a criteria for employment.
“I respect women a lot and on the contrary, I encourage women to be independent by giving them jobs and opportunities. Over the years, I have given scores of women the opportunity to become broadcasters and right now I have 5 ladies working with me, and I met them all on instagram!
“I remember how Olisa Adibua gave me my first shot at mainstream radio, and as much as possible, I want give to others the opportunity that I benefitted from.
“So please, try another avenue to tarnish my image my dear, this one is not working at all. Besides, Bae and I just had a good laugh over this.
“In a country that still worships diseases like smallpox and believes that Oyedepo’s school fees was ‘ordained by God’ any story no matter how doltish, seems credible! I just left Bae in the kitchen, where she was preparing a sumptuous meal of Isi ewu for my dinner, post coming up on my instagram in a jiffy, let me jump into the shower!
“It will continue to #PepperThem, as we #FreeTheSheeple so I’m not even bothered, as long as I’m happy, sheeple are being set free on a daily basis and yahoo boy pastors are being exposed, anybody can write anything they want, na dem get their hand.”
Recall that the vocal OAP had addressed pastors in Nigeria as Yahoo boys in Pentecostal suits, insisting they force members to give tithes and not use the monies for the right cause.

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