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Planned Protest: 10 things I want to achieve – 2Face

Multiple-award winning singer, Tuface Idibia, who has been embroiled in a web of controversy over a planned protest, has made known the 10 objectives he hopes to accomplish with the march.

He made the disclosure in what seems like a response to the presidency following several verbal bashings from President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aides.
In a statement made available to newsmen, Tuface listed the follwoing 10 things as his demands from government which informed his planned protest:

He wrote: “I, Innocent Idibia, am a living example of a Nigerian who owes their success to Nigerians of every tribe and religion. None ask what religion or tribe I am before supporting me. I am grateful. Therefore, it is with every sense of humility that I say that with this march, I want:

1) Security
All Nigerians lives MUST matter. My religion, ethnicity or what part of the country I live shouldn’t determine the type of protection I get from my government.

According to the Constitution, “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.”

2) Education
To develop beyond oil, we have to invest in our human capital. Every child must have access to quality education. If our teachers are not paid, how will we raise the next generation to lead the country and run our businesses?

3) Health
Health is wealth. People die daily from lack of basic, affordable health care. We can definitely do better.

4) Power
Government needs to make it easier to generate power at the state and local government level so everything is not tied to the centre. We need electricity to be productive. The cost of generating our own power is crippling.

5) Unemployment
Poor education plus a struggling economy means a lot of people are unemployed. Unemployed people are hungry and angry.

6) High cost of living
Food, transportation, medicine, everything is 3 times, 4 times more expensive but our salaries haven’t increased. What do we do???

7) Social Justice
According to the Constitution, “The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be a State based on the principles of democracy and social justice.” There cannot be one set of rules for the poor and another set for the rich.

8) Transparency
The best way to kill corruption is to increase transparency. Government finances and contracts must be open and available to all. Who got the money, to do what and by when?

9) Cost of government
Our governance is TOO expensive – federal, state, local – cars, housing, allowances. We must reduce the cost of maintaining our public officials

10) Patriotism
I stand with Nigeria. There is enough in Nigeria for all of us to “chopbelleful”. Enough is enough. We must put Nigeria first and keep all the greedy & selfish people away from leadership.”

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