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Soundcity Finally Settles Beef With P-square

The long standing beef between Soundcity and Nigerian singers P-Square has finally been laid to rest.

During the period, the popular music channel never played any song relating to the singer, be it their personal song or a feature.
Months after their back and forth banter on social media the channel manager for Consolidated Media Associates, Olamide Adedeji, disclosed that everything has been settled with the artistes.

“It was just some sort of miscommunication, which was rather unfortunate at that time. Thankfully, all of this has been resolved and we are doing well now. We needed a talent to do something for us at that time, there was some sort of miscommunication along the line and we didn’t get to agree on certain figures, and that was it. This happened in December 2015 actually, so we were quite surprised to see the issue come up in September 2016, leading to an outburst online which interestingly was very weird. P-Square had made their decision and we as a brand also made ours, so it ended that. However, we have been able to resolve our differences and P-Square have been enjoying a lot of airplay on our channel” he said.

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