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Staunch Rhymer Hails Wizkid and Glo, Throw Shades at Others.

Staunch Rhymer releases his first set of rhymes featuring Nigeria’s number one international music act (Wizkid) and world class telecommunication giant (Glo). Staunch Rhymer is a wordsmith, he describes himself as an artist capable of painting individual and brands with words that can make them more appealing and acceptable to their follower and clients respectively.
Adewunmi Philip, the staunch Rhymer is the lead executive officer at Alvret Communications and CampusExpress Media.
Connect with Staunch Rhymer on the following social network
Instagram: @staunchrhymer
Twitter: @staunchrhymer
Snapchat: @king_dewunmi

Africa’s Pride – Glo
Glo, glo with pride
Sit back and watch others go mad
Seeking network service to call their FAM.
Telecommunication is our game
In Africa, we reign sane
Other networks drives their customers insane
But, here we are
Offering better packages that makes the presence of these telecomm brands seem in vain
They are so dead they took shade in the hades
Our internet service is very fast and efficient
Cuz our customer’s satisfaction is the reason for our existence.
Hmm, they heard about our buzz so they created a pulse
We offered cheaper call rates
That saw their customers ignoring their sickening pulse to board our buzzing bus
In this telecomm biz
We glo so much, we make other networks flop
We could not have done this better without the support of our consumers who are behind our ups.

Graced one – Wizkid
Haters can beef
With all that it is one love, no rift
When you surface, they get carried away by your presence
They beg for your kind of grace that has made you this great.
When you enter you call all to attention
Your presence is a distraction that does not require any mention
All protocols duly observed but you know, Wizzy is here, you all can go on reserve
Baba nla of Afro pop
Young wizard performing wonders with music
Fela in a young body
All I see are singular similarities
You can take this personal, I tell you this is another legend in all sincerity
Daddy yo!
Your songs gets to the depth of our soul
Shooting arrows to our marrow
And causing reflex we can’t control.

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