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Why Fulani herdsmen are most powerful in Nigeria – Alibaba

Popular standup comedian, Alibaba, has described Fulani herdsmen as the most powerful in Nigeria.
He noted that they were the only ones who could kill, destroy and walk away without prosecution.

The comedian labeled them as the power brokers in Nigeria.
According to him, they are more powerful than oil and gas moguls as they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

On his Instagram page @alibabagcfr, the comic character shared a picture of a Fulani herdsman with his cows and wrote: “These are the new power brokers…. not those in oil and gas.

‘If anyone in oil and gas sends anyone to beat up… not kill… just beat up, they will see what is called the long arm of the law.

“But these guys? Powerful. They can walk all over your cassava farm, burn down your houses, raise down a village, kill the villagers… and walk off.
“And they only carry a stick. Just a stick. If you say who is is more powerful, security agencies or theses cattle rearers… heads or tail… herdsmen!!!”

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