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Actress Ayomide Dawodu & Her Baby-daddy Disgrace Themselves On Social Media

It was definitely a round of name-callings between actress, Ayomide Dawodu and her baby-daddy as they fight dirty on social media.
Actress, Ayomide Dawodu and her baby daddy have shocked their fans after engaging in an online brawl over their son.

The two went to the extent of exchanging words, abusing and making accusations upon accusations.

Trouble started when the actress shared her own photo on her son, Eric Olatomiwa's Instagram page with the caption, “My momma is finer than urs😂🙈 can’t love u less mom❤❤ happy Sunday y’all #my mom deserves plenty accolades.”

The post didn’t sit well with her baby-daddy who dropped a comment stating, "Nothing is precious about having Ayomide as your mother! A mother that never care! A mother that drop you off at 8 month! She stopped breast feeding you and drop you like trash! Good mother have there precious gifts beside them.”

Responding to the comment from her baby daddy, the actress Ayomide Dawodu wrote, ”Who is more useless between u, ur mother n myself. Ur mother that told you then not to give ur pregnant wife feeding allowance u as foolish as u are did that. The son u claim to be unkept, when last have u sent him feeding allowance instead u are lavishing money on ur so called sister JOKE DAD dat u are sleeping with, with the knowledge n approval of ur mother who also says she is ur sister. only God knows if u are using it for rituals cos that was what u n ur mother wanted to do with my so. useless father!! u can’t even write complete sentence!!!go back to school.”

But the baby daddy fired back writing, ”Ur mate are doing more better! You keep getting worse! U can’t even take good care of your own son! Disappointed anyway till then.

”Keep deleting my post! Everyone should see your miserable life.”

The latest incident has left many people shocked as some didn't know the relationship between the former lovers had deteriorated to this level.

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