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10 least expensive on-line shopping Websites in Nigeria

In this post, we'll inspect the ten least expensive on-line searching sites in Federal Republic of Nigeria. These area unit on-line stores that their product area unit low cost compared to open markets.

The e-commerce trade has adult significantly giant in Federal Republic of Nigeria in recent years. there have been days once the sole manner Nigerians might look on-line was through international on-line searching websites like Amazon, EBay and Shopify.

And, even those days, shipping prices, the danger of scam websites, and also the proven fact that most of those websites don't ship product to Federal Republic of Nigeria were major hindrances to on-line searching.

Fast forward from those period of time, and also the e-commerce trade has adult and, indeed, blossomed since then. With kind of Jumia, Konga and Slot.ng returning into the scene, on-line searching has adult fashionable among Nigerians, even among people who like the serenity of searching malls. Phones, lingerie, clothing, groceries, natural philosophy, perfumes, beauty and makeup accessories, books, etcetera area unit currently sold-out on-line, and with spectacular discount rates yet.

With over many orders, on-line searching generates over one.5 billion Nigerian monetary unit monthly in Federal Republic of Nigeria. Such has been the expansion of the trade. Here during this article, we’ll be identification the highest ten least expensive on-line searching sites in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

10 cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria

1. Jumia

Unarguably the biggest and the most popular online shop in Nigeria, Jumia was formerly known as Africa Internet Group (AIG), and was established in 2012 in Lagos as the first online store in Nigeria.

With a presence in over 23 countries, 126 websites, 3 million customers, 3000 employees, and 500,000 buyers, all across Africa, jumia stands alone as a giant in the e-commerce industry.

They set the pace for most of the online shopping sites springing up today, and their continuous growth means they will not be dethroned from the top anytime soon.

They have a wide stock of goods which include clothing, electronics, musical instruments, phones, accessories, food, shoes, health and beauty products, etcetera.

2. Konga

When it comes to electronics in the e-commerce industry, Konga is the name to trust. Like Jumia, this blossoming online shopping outfit was also founded in 2012, in Lagos, with its headquarters in Ikeja.

Despite dealing majorly in electronics, and making a name for itself in that regard, Konga also deals in accessories, clothing, books, beauty care products, children items, etcetera.

Initially, when the outfit was established, their focus was sales within Lagos Nigeria, but as it’s popularity grew, their reach widened throughout the nation.

Their patronage is quite impressive, with enormous traffic being recorded on their website. Recently, in 2013, the website crashed for 45 minutes due to unprecedented traffic because of its black Friday promotion for that year. Konga also offers amazing price discounts, and they operate on a pay on delivery system.


3. Jiji

– Jiji is unlike most online shopping outlets. Established primarily for merchandizing used items, Jiji is the perfect platform for sellers to sell any product.

Their growth in the e-commerce industry has been nothing short of impressive, and they’ve evolved from just merchandizing used goods, to selling new ones as well.

Products ranging from real estate, clothes, computers, accessories, furniture, beauty care products, etcetera can be marketed on Jiji.

Payment here is done when buyers meet sellers and get a feel of the product up for sell. Because of the nature of the outfit, buyers are advised to be cautious and watchful so as to avoid being duped.

4. Slot

Originally an offline shopping outfit established for the sale of computers, mobile phones and related accessories, Slot would eventually open an online platform to enable people shop for their products online.

Established in 1998, slot started the importation of computer systems in the same year, and their activities made sure that personal computers and related accessories were available in every house and office in the late 90s.

With success in the sale computer systems, they would switch to mobile telecommunication in 2001, and as expected, they set the pace again in this regard.

Today, they stand alone as a giant in providing retail services in the sale of Mobile phones and computer systems in Nigeria.


5. Yudala

One of the more recent online shopping outfits in Nigeria, Yudala’s unprecedented growth in the e-commerce industry makes it hard to believe that they were established barely 4 years ago in 2015.

They are known for the affordable prices of their products, and recently, their Black Friday sales promotion recorded massive success across their offline and online retail outlets, with over 90% off on selected products. Lenovo’s 15.6 inches 12GB RAM 1TB HDD laptop, with Core i7 processor was sold for less than N90,000.

They also have a reputation for fast delivery of purchased products.

6. Dealdey

Dealdey is an online shopping outfit in Nigeria that boast of unique deals and impressive discounts, with up to 80% off on products sold here.

Their wide product range includes men and women fashion, accessories, professional courses, spas, travel, mobile phones, electronics, food, etcetera.

They support all payment options, and buyers can choose to have products delivered to them, or could choose to pick it up at designated pickup outlets.

7. Payporte

Payporte gained popularity among Nigerians, especially the young populace, as the sponsor of beloved TV show Big Brother Naija.

Since then, their already impressive patronage has grown even further.

They offer a wide range of products including Mobile phones, men and women clothing, accessories, electronics, etcetera. Customers can also purchase items valued below 1000 naira on this platform.


8. Kaymu

Joining Jumia and Konga as one of the shopping outfits headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Kaymu deals in a product range that includes jewelry, Mobile phones, computers, electronics, health and beauty products, home appliances, vehicles, accessories, etcetera.

Kaymu is quite similar to Jiji because it is a platform established for the sale of used products. On this platform, buyers and sellers can meet face to face to market products.

Buyers, therefore, have the opportunity to test run products before making payments. Also, like on Jiji, caution is advised.

9. Supermart.ng

Said to be the largest online supermarket in Nigeria, this platform provides buyers with the convenience of grocery shopping without leaving the comfort of their homes.

They have the widest selection of grocery items online, with a said total of over 60,000 products in stock, alongside other products like books, alcohol, medicine, baby oil, perfumes, beauties and toiletries, household items, snacks, frozen foods, etcetera.

Also, within Lagos, they claim to deliver their goods within 3 hours.

10. Kara

Another top online outlet in Nigeria with considerably wide patronage, Kara deals in products ranging from mobile phones, electronics, accessories, power supply products, etcetera.

They support all popular flexible payment options like online payment, bank transfer and cash on delivery.


Online shopping, and, indeed, the entire e-commerce industry in Nigeria has grown and blossomed since the likes of Jumia and Konga came into the scene in 2012.

Shopping for accessories, groceries, and other products is now relatively easy as all of these outlets deliver straight to your doorstep, with considerably low delivery charges. Do we hope this article has been helpful? Let us know.

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