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[Album Review] Yemi Alade – Woman of Steel

Yemi Alade is one of the craftsmen who is continually on the less than desirable finish of web jokes in Nigeria as she is seen by most as "lacking" in expressive substance yet with this new album, she expects to scatter that idea while likewise demonstrating that her past discharges were all purposeful in catching the African crowd as oneself acclaimed "Mother Africa".

How could she admission on "Woman of Steel"? By and by, I feel this is her best album yet of course, it's an individual inclination and keeping in mind that past albums have been apparently low in expressive substance, Yemi Alade has constantly repaid with vocal quality and exceptionally danceable substance.

The following is a track-by-track investigation of the "Woman of Steel" album;

Night and Day

A very energetic start to the album and very similar to the Yemi Alade we already know, “Night and Day” is a very up-tempo afrobeat number and will certainly do well in clubs.


On “Home”, Yemi Alade transcends into a love song which we have seen her do a number of times before. She explains that her love interest is “Home” to her and wherever he is, she will always want to be with him. This is one for the lovebirds.


Wene Mighty!! We have definitely not heard the last of Duncan Mighty as he imposes his influence on this track in true Wene Mighty style. This is a highly sensual track and both Yemi Alade and Duncan Mighty brought their A-game.

Give Dem

Whoever thought we would hear Yemi Alade on a Latino-infused track but here we are! She definitely killed this one and I’m hoping this jam makes it big in clubs because it has the potential to be a banger!


On this one, Yemi Alade goes afrobeat again and she makes you want to move your body even if you don’t want to. The beat is insane and Yemi Alade follows up with top-notch vocals and lyrical content


On “Yeba”, Yemi Alade sings about unrequited love but in reverse as she speaks about being disinterested in someone who is making love advances at her. She gives reasons for this as well and that serves to make the track very hilarious.

Remind Me

Yemi Alade on RnB? Yeah, we’ve heard that before and it’s certainly awesome to have that Yemi Alade back.  This is one of my favorite tracks on the album as Yemi Alade’s vocal dexterity carried this one through!


One of my less-favorite tracks, “Nobody” is still a solid afrobeat number and the beat on this one is insane. I just feel if Yemi Alade was going on a different vibe with the album, this track has no business being on the album. Still a solid track though.


Angelique Kidjo is a legend for many and “Wonbolombo” has a strong standing among the biggest African songs ever. The addition of that song to this song and the feature of Angelique Kidjo herself makes this song one of the best tracks on the album. This track is African greatness in all its beauty.


This is bound to be a national anthem if properly promoted. Yemi Alade sings about poverty and how she wants to avoid it by all means, as do the majority of Nigeria and even Africa’s populace. The addition of Funke Akindele on the track is also a genius move.

Lai Lai

Another love jam! On this one, Yemi Alade speaks about a lover who onlookers can pass for not being on her level but she says she got him “titi lai lai” (Forever). “Lai Lai” is a very mellow tune which people in love will enjoy very much.


“Somto” is an afrobeat jam named after an obvious love interest names “Somto”. Yemi Alade speaks about how Somto makes everything so much better.

CIA (Criminal in Agbada)

Yemi Alade on this track runs some social commentary, speaking about Nigerian leaders who are making the economy hard for their citizenry. Yemi Alade does not hold off on this one as she goes hard against these politicians and their cohorts.

Poverty (Swahili)

In true Yemi Alade fashion, she fashions the Poverty track in the Swahili language to assuage her core East African audience

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