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How to use Whatsapp in your local language

Have you at any point battled to articulated precisely what you had in mind?

Assuming this is the case, You're not the only one.

Language is the principal method of correspondence. Speaking through instant messages or calls have become the essential wellspring of correspondence in a pandemic like this. Traffic on informing applications and interpersonal organizations has risen significantly during the Covid-19 emergency. With regards to instant messages, Whatsapp rules the content correspondence showcase in India.

Whatsapp, the Facebook-claimed informing stage, as we probably am aware, is one of the most well known informing administrations on the planet, with over 1.5 billion overall clients.

Whatsapp has truly become a basic part of individuals' day by day lives and the manner in which they speak with the world; on account of the nearby language support, it has reached far more profound in our nation.

The number of Internet users using a local language is growing faster than those using English in countries like India.

The expression of emotions through written communication to our loved ones can be achieved through text, and that gets even better in our native language.

Text-based representations of feelings in the native language express satisfaction, also making email and instant messaging more personal; Communicating graphically what people often struggle to convey with words alone.

Whatsapp, as it supports 40 languages on iPhone and 60 language in Android, does offer a solution to changing its entire interface to the desired language, but that is not the full story.

Now, let us address the elephant in the room – you can chat using your native language using various mechanisms like translation, transliteration, voice typing, stickers, and GIFs in your vernacular language.

Communicating in our native language to our close family or friends is no longer a problem.

How do you achieve this? As you might have guessed already, using various virtual keyboards available for our phones.

There are an impressive variety of third-party keyboard apps for Android and iOS devices with all sorts of features, and input methods as mentioned above. They offer more than just the usual typing experience, with support for fun themes, customizable layouts, personalized stickers, speed typing, and whatnot. Furthermore, turning us into a prolific communicator.

Let us help you in shortlisting the best of best out there:

Malayalam Keyboard and Stickers

The best Malayalam and Manglish typing keyboard ever made!!

Bangla Keyboard with Bangla Stickers Ami tomake bhalobashi will be a breeze to type 😉

What makes these apps unique is that it is created especially for Malayalam and Bengali users, unlike the other keyboards which support multiple languages at once. This facilitates simplicity, providing you with relevant content like stickers, GIFs, and jokes. It works seamlessly with all other applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. It not only allows you to type in Malayalam and Bengali but also in Manglish and Banglish to make it more natural and livelier.

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